Odessa City Council sets salaries for the interim city attorney and interim city manager

The council approved the agreement for two extensions on Tuesday night, and the public’s displeasure was also heard in another case.

ODESSA, Texas – The public became more upset Tuesday night at the Odessa City Council meeting as the council went into closed session to discuss the employment of Presiding Judge Carlos Rodriguez. .

In the end, the council did not make any changes to the situation without any action arising from the closure of the council, but there are other businesses that were dealt with.

The council approved contracts with interim Attorney Dan Jones and interim Administrator Agapito Bernal during the meeting.

The mayor of Odessa Javier Joven said that despite the appearance of the salaries, they are getting less than the first team that holds the positions.

“You compare with cities of the same size as ours, and that’s how you get a start,” said Mayor Joven. going to find (a) the city manager and the lawyer the city, we must compete, and therefore we must have a beginning.

Second District Councilman Steven Thompson and Third District Councilman Gilbert Vasquez did not vote to approve the deal with Bernal, but Councilman Joven is confident in his abilities.

“And his resume is impressive,” said Mayor Joven. “He was in different areas of the public service, and in other areas, not only in the city of Odessa … Bernal and his experience are helping the city in day-to-day operations day . It was important to have that position right away.”

There is still doubt, in the way Mayor Joven is doing business with the town council.

“And unfortunately it looks like the council he’s leading is making things worse,” said Anthony Robles, a lawyer in Odessa. is $300,000. It does not include the severance we will pay for employees who are dismissed by the council, unfairly, and the additional money we are paying for ineligible people.

Jones’ salary is about $3,800 a week and Bernal’s is about $3,200 a week.

Chapter 10 of Tuesday night’s agenda has caused many to believe that a change can be made in the position of the Presiding Judge of the Court.

However, the council did have that language in case action came out of the closed session.

The council tabled the matter, meaning no action was taken.


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