NOTICE OF MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE NOTICE Notice of foreclosure by advertisement. Notice is hereby given under section 3212 of the Revised Statutes of 1961, 1961 PA 236, MCL 600.3212, that the following mortgage is will be terminated by selling the mortgaged house, or part thereof, at a public auction at the highest price. tender by cash or check at the circuit court in Shiawassee County, beginning promptly at 10:00 a.m., February 15, 2023. The money must be Mortgage payments may be due on the date of purchase. Giving the highest price at the sale does not automatically give the buyer free and clear ownership of the property. A buyer is encouraged to contact the county trademark registration office or an insurance company, either of which may charge a fee for this information. Default is made in terms of a mortgage made by Nicholas M. Witgen i, LLC dated October 23, 2020 and recorded November 18, 2020 in Liber 1275 at page 363, Shiawassee County, Michigan. Said mortgage is now held by, LLC by assignment and/or incorporation. It is said that the amount due today is $131,025.21. Said site is located in the County of Shiawassee, Michigan and is described as follows: LAND LOCATED IN THE CITY OF LAINGSBURG, COUNTY OF SHIAWASSEE, STATE OF MICHIGAN BEGINNING AT A POINT 581 FEET SOUTHEASTERLY FROM THE SOUTHWEST CORNER OF BLOCK OF 30, SAIDIDO. LAINGSBURG ON THE SITE SIDE OF FAI LOT AND FAI AND THE NORTH SIDE OF WILLIAMS STREET AS FIXED IN THE VILLAGE PARK; THENCE ON A DUE EAST RIGHT SIDE OF THE FRONT LINE BETWEEN PONTIAC AND GRAND RIVER ROAD; THENCE NORTHEAST IN THE CENTER OF THE ROAD 74 FEET; THENCE SOUTHWESTERLY ON A LINE WITH A ROAD 283 FEET; THENCE NORTHWEST TO THE POINT OF BEGINNING AND BEING IN SECTION 28, T6N, R1E, ​​SHIAWASSEE COUNTY RECORDS. COMMONLY KNOWN AS: 624 E. Grand River, Laingsburg, MI 48848 PROPERTY TAX # 78-022-60-118-000-00 NOTICE AND REFERENCE: The property address and tax parcel number of is listed, it is given only by permission. It is subject to full or complete coverage and is not insured. Such property is commonly known as 624 E Grand River Rd, Laingsburg, MI 48848. The redemption period shall be 6 months from the date of such sale, unless intended to be disposed of pursuant to MCLA 600.3241a, in which case the redemption period shall be 30 days from the date of such sale. If the property is sold at a foreclosure sale, in accordance with MCL 600.3278, the borrower will be liable to the person who sells the property at the mortgage sale or the mortgagor for damage to the property during the period of repurchase. FOR ALL BUYERS: The mortgage lender may cancel the sale. In that case, your damages, if any, are limited to the return of the bid amount submitted to the seller, plus interest. Please note that any third party purchaser is responsible for preparing and filing the Sheriff’s Deed. If it is a residential mortgage, the following must be used: ATTENTION HOMEOWNER: If you are an active military veteran, if your active duty period has ended less than 90 days ago, if You are also instructed to do your due diligence, please contact the mortgage foreclosure attorney at the phone number listed in this notice. THIS HELP IS FROM THE COMPLETE. THIS IS A LOAN ENTRY, AND ANY INFORMATION RECEIVED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. IF YOU ARE: A RESIDENT IN AN EMPLOYMENT DEPARTMENT; IT IS UNDER THE PROTECTION OF A PRIVATE DWELLING; OR, YOU HAVE RECEIVED A NOTICE OF PROCEEDING BEFORE YOU RECONFIRMED THE LOAN, THE NOTICE IS FOR INFORMATION ONLY AND SHOULD NOT BE CONSTITUTED AS AN ATTEMPT TO CALL from a debt from you. Dated: December 22, 2022 Attorney for Mortgagee: Thomas E. McDonald (P39312) Brock & Scott, PLLC 5431 Oleander Drive Wilmington, NC 28403 PHONE: (844) 856-6646 File No. 22-170


Published: December 30, 2022 and January 6, 13 and 20, 2023

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