No charges were pending against North High principal Friesleben, Hennepin Co. Lawyer said

Finally a press conference to call for charges against North High School principal Mauri Friesleben for ‘criminal negligence’ in leading a protest that caused the school to close early and left student Deshaun Hill on the street where he was shot and killed , the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office (HCAO) said it will not seek an extension. charges for his actions.

After the first day of internal jury selection the trial against FohrenkamWilliam Walker, the public attorney for the family of Deshaun Hill Junior announced that the family believes that, “the principal made a serious mistake and we believe that it should be investigated by the appropriate authorities.”

However, FOX 9 has confirmed that the HCAO does not plan to file charges against Friesleben.

“The killing of Deshaun Hill was a senseless act of gun violence that devastated those who knew and loved him, the North High School community, and the public at large. The Bureau is now focused on arresting the one person we believe is responsible for the murder,” the HCAO said in a statement. “Neither the investigation nor any recent public information supports any additional charges related to Deshaun’s death.”

Hill was 15-years-old and a star athlete at North High shot on Feb 9, 2022after washing the shoulders on the sidewalk just a few blocks from the school.

Cody Logan Fohrenkam, 29, of Minneapolis, faces a charge of second degree murder by shootingaccording to the criminal complaint.

Court documents said Fohrenkam has a long rap sheet, with 10 separate incidents filed from 2010 to 2018, including charges of assault, theft, illegal possession of weapons and arson.

Hill’s parents argue that they should have been notified that they were leaving campus as part of an organized walkout in which Principal Friesleben participated.

“His job is to be a principal, not an enforcer,” Walker told FOX 9. “His job is to be a principal to protect these kids.”

After the walkout and subsequent shooting, Friesleben was placed on leave by the school district — a move he called “destroying” on social media. However, after the pouring out of the village, he was reinstated the following week.

In recent weeks, the district signed a $500,000 settlement with the Hill family to waive any future civil litigation.

A new Showtime drama, Boys in Blue, has also been releasedand focused on North High’s football program as well as Hill’s death.

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