My Husband Has A $1 Million Computer System. This Is What I Don’t Like

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The type of life insurance a person has can make a big difference.

Main idea

  • My husband has a life insurance policy with a $1 million death benefit.
  • I appreciate his assurance that our family will be taken care of if something happens to him.
  • I am not interested in the details of the insurance, because it is the whole law of life.

My husband had a big one life insurance in the situation since we were married. I will get the death benefit if something happens. Since the policy is $1 million in coverage, I have the peace of mind knowing that our family, including our children, will be well taken care of. money in the event of an accident.

Despite the fact that I appreciate my husband’s efforts to make sure our family is taken care of, I really didn’t like his advertising. And there is a very important reason for that.

This is why I don’t like my husband’s life insurance

The main reason I don’t like your husband’s life insurance is because of the type of insurance he chose. In particular, he has a policy of whole life. A whole life policy provides long-term coverage, as opposed to a principles of life which offers insurance for a limited period such as 20 years or 30 years.

My husband has not purchased a lifetime plan because we have a lifetime requirement. We don’t, because we are diligently saving for retirement and our children’s education, and one day no one will depend on his income and all our debts will be paid off so we don’t have to. a death benefit to help. our future family. If we need continuous support, then it is a different story because whole life policies can be appropriate in this case.

Instead, my husband bought a whole life policy because he believed it was a good way to save money. A whole life policy has an investment component, and some of the money can be earned tax-free, so buying whole life is a great way to prepare for retirement.

The thing is, though, I know that whole life policies are more expensive than life insurance – and can often yield a higher return on investment than other investments. lo life insurance.

We end up paying more for his lifetime than we would have if he had the same annuities that offered death benefit but only paid out if he died at a younger age or if we need the money. And we will end up with less cash over time than if we bought the cheapest life policy and invested the difference.

Unfortunately, my husband won’t believe how bad his policy is and it’s not worth a big money fight since we’re usually on the same page about most things. other financial options.

Buying the right type of insurance offers protection and affordable rates

Finally, it is important to have life insurance protection. Buying the right type of insurance is good, but having the “wrong” insurance is more likely than not, causing trouble for loved ones. .

However, a whole life policy is the best choice for most people because of the low costs. Anyone thinking about whole life insurance should be sure to consider the downsides before making their decision.

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