My home insurance is $5,600. It rose as high as $12,500 | Book

Homeowner’s insurance is almost $7,000 higher

Amid Florida’s property insurance crisis, Citizens sees an increase in its policies by 50% by 2022 | Jan. 9

My home insurance renewal just jumped from $5,600 to $12,500 a year. This is not a misprint. No complaints, no changes, I don’t live on water, I just more than doubled my rate in one year. Their thoughts? Two major hurricanes in 2022 and $40,000 more in rebuilding costs.

I was told that if I raised all my deductibles to the extreme levels, I could drop to “only” $7,600, which is $2,000 more per year than my current rate. $5,500, which does not require itemized deductions. I called the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation and all I got was a sympathetic ear. The state has spent many years to solve this and, in my opinion, nothing important has happened other than “we are working on it” answers.

How about some advice from a homeowner to get the ball rolling? Why not establish a “hurricane insurance tax,” which could be added to all purchases/sales? The money can be used to finance/reinstate the Citizen’s Property Insurance Corp. or personal insurance companies in the event of catastrophic events such as Cyclone Jan. If the losses of insurance companies are limited and appropriate legislation is passed, their costs will be reduced along with competition.

Frank Monteleone, Hudson

Less is more

Strong-arm in the free state of Florida | Editor, Jan. 20

I thought the Republicans were clamoring for little government involvement in business.

Darryl David, St. Petersburg

Was it wrong but won?

Judge says DeSantis is wrong, but refuses to reinstate Andrew Warren | Jan. 20

The decision of the judge that the Gov. Ron DeSantis broke the law by firing Andrew Warren as Hillsborough state’s attorney but not being able to reinstate Warren seems ridiculous to me. What is the point of having rules if they can be broken without consequence?

Frank T. Mason, Odessa

A right to privacy

Harris to push abortion rights in Florida on Roe anniversary | January 18

Does anyone, other than a significant other, have a right to know if a woman is pregnant? Of course not because of the violation of his right to privacy. Does anyone have a right to know if their baby was miscarried? Same answer. It’s none of my business or anyone else’s if she gets pregnant or miscarries. I am not pro-abortion, but I am in favor of privacy rights.

Dave Hinz, Clear water

Negligence is worse

Trump, Biden ranking issues differ in important ways. This is the way. | January 14

I see a lot of comparisons between Donald Trump and Joe Biden regarding the handling of classified documents. Many say that Trump’s situation is worse because he took the documents on purpose, but it seems that Biden took them accidentally. I think both are equally bad. Of course, Trump should not have knowingly taken classified documents and should have turned them over as soon as they were asked. However, it seems that Biden is just being careless. Is it more careless? I think not. Not knowing you’re sorting documents and not using them is just as bad as not knowing and limiting access. I can’t tell which is worse.

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David Hagan Tampa

A green Greenland.

Parts of Greenland are hotter than at any time in the past millennium January 19

I liked this article on Greenland, especially when I compare it to a piece previously published under the title “Oldest DNA shows life in Greenland 2M years ago.” It was stated in that article that 2 million years ago, the temperature in Greenland was 20 to 34 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than today. The result was a land where plants and fauna flourished. This seems to be good news for Greenland and all of us. It’s also a necessary reminder that we live on a planet and not a snow globe.

Rob BennettValric

The bill must be paid

As the US nears the debt ceiling, political conflicts are causing trouble | January 19

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said refusing to raise the debt limit is like cutting up your child’s credit card. Honestly, I think it’s better to quit your job to get drunk with your rich friends, then ditch your wife and kids when the bill comes.

Greg Niemi, Tampa

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