Murphy’s new attorney has a long history of supporting animal rights

So who is Wayne Hsiung, the new lawyer representing Tracy Murphy’s Asha Farm Sanctuary?

Hsiung is best known as the founder of the global animal rights network Live Action Anywhere, or DxE, is based in Berkeley, Calif. The mission posted on the group’s website shows that DxE aims to “achieve new and political changes for animals in one generation.” The group is responsible for advocating for animal rights in communities around the world and boasts of rescuing hundreds of animals from slaughterhouses, laboratories and “other places of abuse.”

On the legal front, members of the group, including Hsiung, have been involved in several high-profile cases involving individuals who have defended their “right to rescue” animals that are being abused or detained in within the context of the campaign argued by animal rights activists. impersonal.

In October, Hsiung and another were charged together released after a trial on their 2017 removal of two pigs from a Smithfield Foods factory farm in Utah.

Hsiung and DxE colleague Paul Picklesimer faced charges of burglary and theft in the case, after they took the pigs – named Lily and Lizzie – from the Smithfield farm and brought them to a wildlife habitat in Colorado. The FBI later raided the temple where they confirmed that their pigs were, indeed, owned by Smithfield. The media reports from last year show that pigs were not removed from the correction.

Smithfield’s case is considered by zoologists as a landmark decision regarding the theory of “open rescue,” which suggests that it is appropriate, not illegal, for people to remove animals from farms, laboratories and other places where they are suffering.

According to the TroubledHsiung, who represented himself in court during the case, argued his case introductory information to the editors of the animal rescue “not the worst part of us human beings. This is the best thing for us.”

Hsiung’s animal rights activism led to him being charged in other cases and he was previously convicted of two felonies, including in 2021 when he was found guilty. suspended sentence six months to 17 months in prison for stealing a baby goat from a North Carolina farm.

In addition to supporting animal rights, Hsiung has dabbled in politics. In 2020, he made an unsuccessful bid to become mayor of the City of Berkeley. His background includes being a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow at AND and as a substitute teacher i Northwestern School of Law.

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