Mr. Andrew seems to be wiping out millionaire Virginia Giuffre

He told TalkTV that the Duke should be “raised” in the collapse of the Dershowitz case because of the doubt in Ms Giuffre’s story.

“His true story has changed many times. It is very difficult to really know what is true or not,” he said, adding that the true story “has not been revealed”. .

On the picture, he said: “I don’t remember them meeting and I don’t think that picture is real.

“There is no original picture of that picture, (only) copies of that picture were produced, copies of copies. Parts of it, according to some experts, seem to have been assembled.

“I don’t remember him in my house. I know that Virginia traveled with Jeffrey, and it is very possible. But the picture doesn’t seem real, and I don’t remember it being taken.”

Ms. Giuffre Prince Andrew was accused of rape and torture three times in 2001, when he was 17 years old.

He sued him in August 2020, setting the railroad up for a six-month legal battle.

The Duke often strongly contested his innocence and was willing to take the case to court to clear his name.

However, he was urged by Buckingham Palace to take it easy because the scandal has increasingly dominated the news and threatened to disrupt the Platinum Jubilee celebrations last year.

Two sides reached an out-of-court settlement last February, soon after the Duke was stripped of his military and charitable titles and ordered not to use his RHS title.

The $12 million deal includes a 12-month termination clause that expires next month, raising hopes Ms Guiffre could be free to strike again. i.e.

In November, Ms Giuffre admitted that she “may have made a mistake” in accusing Mr Dershowitz of sexually abusing her as a teenager.

The plea capped an eight-year streak of lawsuits and lawsuits between the couple after he agreed to drop his defamation suit against the Harvard Law emeritus.

For several months, Ms Giuffre’s legal proceedings against Mr Dershowitz and the Duke continued.

The Duke’s lawyer, Andrew Brettler, argued in court that Ms Giuffre’s pattern of filing lawsuits against high-profile figures should be “no longer acceptable”.

It is now said that the Duke will take informal advice from Mr Dershowitz, who has repeatedly argued that he should not be seated.

Buckingham Palace, the Duke’s office or his lawyers did not respond to requests for comment.

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