Morning coffee: Credit Suisse bonus of more than $250 with a hole. Bank of America and Citi show us where they have the remaining job vacancies

Often, the headquarters of an investment bank is not the same as the galley of a ship. However, in some parts of the cycle, both CEOs and chefs of the sea face the challenge of using a lot of resources, and trying to convert them into something suitable good to prevent the danger of rebellion.

Credit Suisse is in a similar position at the moment – earnings may not warrant a pool larger than half of last year but the market for talent it’s not in a place where you can give people a bonus sign and tell them to be thankful they still have a job. They must seek “the right balance between the interests of our employees and those of key stakeholders, including our shareholders and regulators”.

That phrase comes from an internal document that was seen by Bloomberg and Financial News, among others. This explains that the CS intends to make an equal compromise between retention and expenditure in the event. last year. If you are in line for more than $250k total compensation (specially all MDs and Directors, even back and mid-career), the deal will get you a significant portion of the bonus in cash, paid in advance, in return for signing a three-year clawback agreement. The deadline is January 30, with bonuses to be announced later.

The economic success of this type of capital structure allows bankers with luxury lifestyles to continue to maintain them, but the clawback means that only one third of payments fall into this year’s savings, cost savings and regulatory capital. Under IFRS accounting, deferred compensation is not recognized unless the employee’s assets are irretrievable, even if cash is available for them. go The rest of the compensation will be paid in “phantom stock units”, with a typical vesting period.

Despite this clever structure, last year’s edition people on the receiving end were surprisingly unhappy. The clawback makes it much more expensive to move the works, because it must be added to the normal purchase of the old reserve units. It is more burdensome if the program pays back the full amount and then you have to pay the tax again, because Jefferies History is made with Credit Suisse apparently made with similar bonuses in 2022. According to the Finance News, however, this year’s CS program is a “tax deduction” and has been “simplified” after some information last year eat The clawback will work equally every month, instead of requiring banks to reach an anniversary in order to reduce the amount.

Would it work? It may be thought that if the bonus is too small, it doesn’t matter how it is structured. But while the overall pool may seem very low, Credit Suisse can choose to focus on people who really want to keep it. Many of them will also be found suspension payment made last year which will themselves be subject to clawbacks, and others may look at the “partner” compensation that can be obtained in the dial-out of First Boston. This may be the case that some senior bankers will decide to remain because negotiating with another employer is very difficult.

Elsewhere, a summary of the current state of the bank employee market can be seen by looking at “but” in recent announcements. Bank of America operates a employment freeze … but will continue to fill “important roles” in “units that have seen the growth of income”, and these will likely include economic management, trade and “technological work”. Also, everyone is talking about taking a pay cut…yet Citi will increase base payments for Associates and Vice Presidents it is 10-15%.

In a certain sense, both of these actions can be seen as directions. Bank of America has already said it received it It’s a little far from the plan in recruitment last year and was shocked at the low rate of staff leaving as part of the normal crisis. And Citi was publicly exposed Pay below the track for small bankersmost of them disagreed that they were receiving quality-of-life benefits to compensate for the difference.

But that in itself is a reflection of the state we are in. Although income conditions are still difficult, not many banks are serious about major changes; they are editing here and there in response to the situation. For the right people in the right place with good performance to speak of, the labor market is still good.

In the meantime…

The position of Chief Financial Officer at Deutsche Bank is not as demanding a job as it used to be, but Laura Padovani still hopes to help the team in “achieving the next level” as he moved from Barclays. (Financial News)

Fintech marketing manager Heather Morgan has a new job, but it won’t be subject to any remote work policies. This is because he is currently under house arrest; According to his representative, the cryptocurrency rapper “Razzlekhan” is awaiting trial on charges of attempting to launder $4.5bn in Bitcoin theft. (Bloomberg)

Since Morgan Stanley is now seemingly set to be the bank everyone else wants to emulate, what does that mean for UBS, as its chairman Colm Kelleher may have more Morgan Stanley DNA in him? he than ten and ten who are now living banks? (Finenews)

Sam Bankman-Fried’s new Substack reflects his legacy as the first trader on Jane Street, where everyone knows how to use and no one uses Excel. His tabloids are terrible. (Substack)

Former Goldman and Morgan Stanley banker Paul Howard has left BlockFi for Standard Chartered, but this is a move into the crypto space rather than part of a “back to banking” trade; he will be the head of sales for Zodia Market, SC’s crypto branch. (Financial News)

Aaron Tai has left Cornwall Capital for Elliott Investment Management, reflecting the growing interest in building investors in Japan. (Bloomberg)

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