Monroe police warn residents of new phone calls seeking credit information –

City of Monroe police are warning residents of a mobile phone scam affecting the community that is attempting to collect credit card information from individuals.

The sheriff’s department notified Monroe residents of the new scam phone call on January 12 via a Facebook post.

The scam involves individuals claiming to be Xfinity members.

“The scammer then advises the residents that their service charges are going up, and that they are running a one-time promotional package,” police said in the post. Then they advise that if they pay today their service will not be interrupted.”

The scammers also tell people they will “qualify for a $50 discount on their monthly bill, if they make a $150 payment per day.”

Monroe police added that in these incidents, scammers are trying to get credit card information without letting people know.

“The Monroe Township Police Department would like to take this opportunity to remind our residents about cell phones and not to give out personal information on the phone,” they said. “It’s unfortunate, but some of our people have been victims of these scams.”

Police urged the public to share the scam warning, especially among the elderly population, who appear to be particularly vulnerable. by the hypocrites.

The Federal Trade Commission’s Data Book for 2022 found “imposter complaints” topped the list of robocall complaints.

According to the Record Book, 287,000 complaints were received in the year ending September 30, 2022.

In a report by CNBC, the Truecaller app estimated that almost 70 million Americans lost money to the mobile phone in 2022.

The app was estimated to have netted fraudsters nearly $40 billion a year.

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