Missouri Attorney General writes letter to CPS, Columbia City for letting students drag queen

In an effort to protect children across the state, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey directed a letter to the Superintendent of Columbia Public Schools, Brian Yearwood, and the Mayor of the City of Columbia, Barbara Buffaloe, for the deliberate as a group of elementary school students c. an adult drag show.

“I am committed to making sure our school is learning, not just teaching kids and that parents have a role in the process,” said Attorney General Bailey. “Children in our state have a constitutional right to a quality public education because, in Missouri, we understand that educating the next generation is essential to preserving the rights and freedoms we cherish. there. I will use every tool at my disposal to ensure that children across the state are safe and get the education they deserve.

The letter states that “the Missouri General Assembly recently passed a new law to protect students. This law made it illegal to provide sexual material to a student and went into effect in August. But the protections our state provides to Missouri’s children are even better. Section 170.015 RSMo also provides compliance with Missouri’s sex education law which specifically defines public schools and not allowed to be given to minors on the subject of sex. Transporting students in a trailer appears to be in violation of this law.”

In addition, Missouri law requires public officials such as those working in our schools to report child endangerment situations. “Not only can this incident not be reported but it seems that city officials and schools actively participated in taking young children to witness an inappropriate act of sex in the form of a cartoon. This type of practice has no place in public education,” the letter said.

The letter to Superintendent Yearwood can be read here.

The letter to Mayor Buffaloe can be seen here.

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