Merchants are not allowed to charge fees for credit card purchases

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I understand that under Maine law it is illegal for merchants to charge bills by credit card. Where can you report a merchant who violates that law?

Also, is it illegal in a county to charge a fee for using a credit card?—No name, no city.

ANSWER: According to the law, “a customer in a sales transaction cannot give an additional payment to a cardholder who chooses to use a credit card or debit card instead of paying by cash, checks or similar methods.”

In response to your first question, this sometimes happens because of incorrect information on these types of fees and surcharges. You can report that trader to the Maine Attorney General’s Office by filling out an online form ( or call the office at 626-8849.

Usually, all that is needed is a phone call from the state office to the seller and stop the operation. If not, the state will take action.

This law allows retailers to offer a discount to those who pay in cash, but it must be published so that everyone can see it.

The answer to your second question: this Maine law has an exception for public entities, such as counties and state universities so if you are going to pay to register your car, for example, Bring your check if you don’t want to pay that. extra charge.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: For the teacher who wants help learning Portuguese (Jan. 17 Sun Spots), I used Duolingo to learn French and I’m sure they have Portuguese too. It’s a free app, but you can also pay and get more features. — No name, no town

ANSWER: These programs have a free trial to try before paying. If you want to try Portuguese or other languages ​​on Duolingo, go here: (

SUN SUN SPOTS: I was recently prescribed a chemotherapeutic cream to treat some possible cancerous lesions. The letters that come with the medicine state that the medicine should not be thrown away with normal garbage. My pharmacy or prescription cannot dispose of the unused portion for me. How do I safely dispose of leftover medication? — No name, no town

ANSWER: I think the cream took care of my skin and I like that. Many Maine communities have drug take-back programs. Some have set dates and will announce the organization when any drugs can be released.

Most police stations, fire stations, government buildings and hospitals will accept drugs at any time and keep them in a locked box for safe disposal in the future. Contact your local or city office and ask for help.

SUN SUN SPOTS: I have plastic headbands that can be covered with fabric. I bought them on Amazon and started making them and then lost interest. There is no charge for girls who want to try it. I also bought all the other things that were made and they probably have it too. My phone number is 375-3439. I love your stories every day! — Reta, Sabbath

ANSWER: Those headbands are coming back and I love the idea of ​​covering them with fabrics that match the clothes, and they are more comfortable. This sounds like a perfect opportunity for the right person.

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