Many fish commit credit card fraud while playing a video game – View from the wing

Many people commit credit card fraud while playing a video game

One of the most common ways to commit credit card fraud is by creating a synthetic identity. When the fraud is detected it is very difficult to pursue anyone, because the person making the ticket is not there!

But credit card fraud is very easy a fish can do it. In fact, that actually happened. (HT: Paul H)

A media star has gained notoriety for portraying fish playing video games. For real – they are a big fish in a small pond. Their fish swim around, and where they swim in their tank they use the game.

Back in 2020, Mutekimaru’s team successfully completed Pokémon Sapphire, an event that required players about 30 hours of gameplay to complete, but took the fish over 3,000 hours. .

Well, the fish was playing Pokémon and the game crashed. There are a lot of fish in the sea, so they hit the right button. The fish completed the management of the game in the Nintendo Switch settings, then in the Ninetendo eShop. The credentials and credit card information were saved, and…

The fish group was able to add 500 yen to the console’s eShop account, which is about $3.80 in US dollars. …(A) refund from Nintendo has already been requested.


While that is happening in Japan, credit card fraud is on the rise everywhere. Recently there have been several reports of attempted credit card fraud with Bilt Rewards card details. This is mistaken as a ‘hack’ if no personal information is revealed.

In fishing for answers, it appears to be a ‘BIN attack’ where someone creates a credit card number (because it has a formula) and then tries those numbers on merchants that are vulnerable. online security – maybe the card number is generated by the computer and the expiration date. no CVV code, matching name or zip code required. One of the most common sellers used, it seems, is Amazon’s Brazil website.

  • Fraudsters generate card numbers and simulate transactions using an online system.
  • If the order comes they have a certificate to commit fraud
  • However, most of these trades have declined, although some have been possible. Wells Fargo often captures it before the customer discloses it. Then they send a new card to the customer.
  • In most cases, the card makers asked for respectable points for their trouble, and were given 1000 or 2000 points. No one is liable for these charges.

There’s nothing unusual about Wells Fargo or Bilt here, and they’re not the only ones focusing on this approach on a wider scale. However the card is popular in ratings and card ads online, so it is discussed a lot, and it happens to be a ring that has been targeted recently. My advice… keep swimming. And if found in a net, ask for points.

In a way, the cheating ring doesn’t make much difference than what I used to do before I was a teenager. I can share this because it has been almost 40 years, and in the absence of terrorism that crosses the borders of the country where the risk of death may arise, the applicable criminal statute of limitations five years.

I used to be addicted to my 300 baud modem and Commodore 64 computer. I finally upgraded to 1200 baud, but I didn’t like to upgrade to 2400 baud because at 1200 you can continue to read the text when it comes on the screen. Why do you need something fast, since you can’t read twice that fast?

I spend a lot of time calling other computers in the country, and on Quantum Link (or Q-Link, the first in AOL) when it costs 6 cents per minute. And that means going way up with credit card bills. It might smell fishy, ​​but at the time I was more afraid of repercussions from my parents than the FBI. So I thought I could save on long distance by using the carrier codes (eg MCI, Sprint).

  • Set the computer to automatically dial other computers
  • Use mobile phone codes
  • If my computer is connected to another computer, the phone code works
  • Do this at night, get a few working rules in the morning

This was called ‘wardialing’. It’s not just blue boxes and red boxes that make sounds. There were other fish in the sea that made free calls possible. The fact that the phone was charged to someone’s bank account, they report it when they see the bill and get a new account number (like a credit card, which does not bind the customer ).

Back in the mid 80s it was all very low-tech. Today is high technology, but AI-in the future will be even better. It’s not just the power to generate verified and verified card numbers. AI will be dedicated to committing fraud and preventing fraud, and indeed some of the best frauds have already been created by AI. I just wish the AI ​​would issue the apology instead of asking for them!

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