‘Lincoln Lawyer’ Fans, Stay tuned for Season 2 Updates

Last May when Netflix primarily his series of legal essays The Lincoln Lawyer, foundation a series of stories b Michael Connelly, the audience was delighted. After all, who wouldn’t love the return of Mickey Haller’s story (played by Manuel Garcia-Rulfo), a courtroom-savvy LA criminal attorney who works from the back seat of his Lincoln. The show was aired on Netflix’s Top 10 in 90 countriesand the appearance of a mysterious tattooed man in the final scene left fans wanting more.

So, there will be a season 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer?

Good news! Just a month after the start of May 2022, Netflix hearing The Lincoln Lawyer will return for season 2. While the 2023 release date has not been announced, production is underway. Here’s what we know about the coming season.

What to do The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 about?

Like the first season, The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 will be based on one of the six stories in Connelly’s Lincoln Lawyer series, in this case, book 4, The Fifth Witness. Inside That said, Mickey has switched to kidnapping defense law yes do everything… until one of his clients is accused of murder. However, we expect some changes in the Netflix adaptation to update the story, as was the case in season 1, which was based on book 2, The Final Map.

Spoiler: At the end of season 1, it seems that the question of who really killed Martha Renteria will continue in season 2 after the cancellation of the punishment of Jesus Menendez (Mickey’s client) for the crime in the first season. Fun fact: This thread actually comes from book 1 of Connelly’s Lincoln Lawyer series.

Confirmed season 2 cast members Manuel García-Rulfo, Neve Campbell, Becki Newton, and Angus Sampson, along with season 1 cast member Michael Graziadei (second from left)

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Who’s in The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 movie?

No wonder, stars and happy-go-lucky Manuel Garcia-Rulfo will reprise his role as Mickey i The Lincoln Lawyer season 2. Joining him are co-stars Neve Campbell (as Maggie McPherson, Mickey’s first wife, mother of their daughter Hayley, and a prosecutor who sometimes professionally clashes with her ex) and Becky Newton (as Lorna Crane, Mike’s legal assistant/office manager and ex-wife number two).

Netflix's 'the lincoln lawyer' special investigation

Jazz Raycole

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Jazz Raycole will return as Izzy Letts, Mickey’s salesman-turned-car, while Angus Sampson, who plays Cisco, Mickey’s PI and Lorna’s fiancee, is sure to make more appearances on the show this season as the show’s heavy cast is nearing release. season 1 finale he said. past as a member of the Road Saints biker gang returns to terrorize him.

Netflix teased that many of the players from season 1 will appear in the 10-episode second season, but we’re not sure who.

And with a new computer line comes new people. It’s a time His Grill and Chicago Med‘s Yaya DaCosta will join the cast of The Lincoln Lawyer season 2, reported Netflix’s fan site Tudum Last October. Parrilla will star Lisa Trammell, a local chef and restaurateur who clashes with a local gardener (four bad: he’s Mickey’s new client). DaCosta plays a ruthless lawyer who promises to be a strong opponent in the courtroom for Mickey.

Matt Angel (NCIS, SWATand DC’s Morning News) will play true crime podcaster Henry Dahl, Final report. Apparently, Mickey doubts the reason for Henry’s interest in the matter. Hmmm, could Henry be a wolf in hipster clothing?

When will it be The Lincoln Lawyer first season 2?

Until now, Netflix is ​​mum on the official release date. However, we know that production began in October 2022. On the 31st, Connelly, who is also one of the special presenters, posted on Instagram shared a picture of the director’s chair marked with a serial number. “From the set of The Lincoln Lawyer season 2: I’m happy to report that we’ve started filming season 2. It’s great to be back on set,” he wrote.

The production is expected to wrap in March, reported the website It’s on Netflixwhich is based on a fall 2023 release date (summer if we’re lucky).

Fans tried to find out more about the release date from Garcia-Rulfo on Instagram when, on Christmas Day, he posted a hunky picture of himself standing on the balcony with a view in town. “Due date The Lincoln Lawyer come back?” asked one fan. “Feliz navidad. Merry christmas. Lincoln Attorney season 2 fast please the most handsome man!” encouraged the other.

But if the main star of the show knows any information about the release date, it seems that he is keeping it to himself. Meanwhile, if you haven’t watched season 1, it’s time for a drink.

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