Legal position Rocket Lawyer introduces tax preparation

Rocket Lawyer, a legal services platform, has launched Rocket Taxa tax preparation position that doubles as taxpayers and qualified preparers.

Personal income tax returns (single or married filing jointly) start at $199.99 and are prepared by a CPA, according to the Rocket Tax website. Personal income starts at $399.99 and business income starts at $499.99; both can be provided by the CPA or the Applicant. This includes both state and federal. Personal and business income includes tax-benefit analysis and year-end accounting, and the company claims to support “all types of businesses and businesses” in all states.

Refunds are usually issued seven days after Rocket Tax receives the customer’s tax return, although refunds can be issued within one day for an additional fee, according to website. The pre-order service is available until April 1st and ends on April 18th.

Powered by the Rocket Legal Cloud, Rocket Tax is integrated with the introduction of Taxfyle, where Rocket Lawyers made an investment in 2021.

There is a discount associated with Rocket Lawyer and support in messaging to tax professionals during preparation, as well by phone to discuss the return and the original price. Tax specialists conduct a background check and provide proof including government issued ID, renewal, PTIN, EFIN and copy of EA license if applicable.

“According to our research, 94% of small businesses have concerns about filing their taxes in 2023, but only half of those with concerns are currently working with a tax professional ,” said Charley Moore, founder and CEO of Rocket Lawyer, in a statement. “In today’s environment, when businesses are concerned about rising costs, resource shortages and other business challenges, reducing stress is critical. is related to taxes and offers a simplified process, so we say to customers, ‘Don’t do your taxes. — let’s do it for you.'”

The foundation’s recent survey of 1,000 small and medium-sized businesses also revealed that their top three tax filing mistakes were missing opportunities for deductions and credits, unaware what document is needed, and the wrong number.

Nearly two-thirds (62%) of respondents choose to work with a tax professional to avoid audits and penalties if they know of a cheaper way to do so, and more than three (38%) have get ready to switch from DIY taxes. services in collaboration with a tax employee, the study found.

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