Lawyer who won $1B settlement talks strategy: ‘Sandy Hook put (Jones) on the map’

WESTPORT – In October, nearly a decade after the Sandy Hook school shooting, eight victims’ families and one FBI agent received $965 million in a defamation case against Alex Jones, who one of the worst awards in history – and a lawyer from Westport played. an important part in it.

On January 19, the Y’s Men of Westport hosted a discussion with Attorney Josh Koskoff, a former Westporter and Staples graduate who represented the families in this lawsuit, saying and the case against Remington, the manufacturer of the gun used in the shooting. .

Koskoff began with a quote from the Bible, where God cast Satan out of heaven: “The abundance of your wealth has filled your heart with violence, and you have sinned; God: I will also destroy you, the veiled cherub, among the stones of fire.”

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