Lawyer: Investigators say OC attorney’s wife shot herself in head before falling from balcony at Baja resort

SAN DIEGO (Border report) – Family lawyer Elliot Blair said Blair was shot in the head before falling from the third floor last week in a Mexican hotel near Rosarito, Baja California.

But the attorney general Baja still insists that their findings point to an accidental fall and not murder.

Blair and his wife Kimberly Williams celebrated their first birthday on January 14 at the hotel, about 40 minutes south of the border.

Blair and Williams both worked as attorneys for the Orange County Public Defender’s Office.

Williams’ attorney, Case Barnett, told the New York Post on Friday that Williams told him that an investigator at the scene said Blair had been shot in the head.

According to the Post article, the family is also upset that they were unable to do an independent toxicology report because Blair’s body was embalmed, something the Baja attorney general’s office disputed. .

At first, investigators said Blair was drunk and that’s why she fell from the balcony.

The office of the Attorney General of Baja California told the Los Angeles Times that the autopsy showed “no signs of violence.” They also deny that there was a bullet wound.

According to the New York Post article, Barnett said Williams fell asleep in front of Blair and was awakened by hotel staff who told Blair he was dead.

“We don’t know what he was doing out there,” Barnett said of Blair. “We’re trying to find out.”

The family said they will conduct their own investigation.

A GoFundMe page started by a friend of Blair’s says, “We wish we could give everyone more information, but the authorities in Mexico have released very little information. He was the victim of a heinous crime. His family is working with US Officials to get more information. “

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