Lawyer arrested after license suspension removed to sue NYC, NYPD

NEW YORK (PIX11) – A Brooklyn lawyer was arrested after removing a piece of plastic covering part of a license plate that New York and the NYPD are suing.

Adam White, was arrested on a criminal charge which is dismissed, file his complaint above Friday. In it, he and his attorney, Gideon Oliver, requested a temporary injunction to ensure that the NYPD preserves documents related to the case.

“Respondents from the city and the NYPD generally preserve certain pieces of information and documents requested for a period of 90 – or less – days from the date of the incident,” said the judgment. “Respondents may destroy the requested documents, including records, after the appropriate retention period, unless there is an order to save. Mr. has faced White with immediate and irreversible consequences if the court rejects this part of his petition and the evidence referred to in above, the end, to be damaged, lost, or destroyed.”

It is illegal in New York City to conceal a license plate. White previously told PIX11 News the driver of the SUV ran over him when he pulled an unwanted piece of plastic from the license plate.

“The next thing, it’s arresting, ‘we’ll catch you, hands behind.’ It was a bit of a surprise. They say I damaged the plate, but there’s nothing wrong with the plate,” the Brooklyn attorney told PIX11 in December.

With the lawsuit, Oliver and Adams hope to get the evidence needed to convict some of the officers involved, Oliver said. The information can also help shape the allegations for a future trial. The judge still needs to review the documents and determine what will happen next.

“The NYPD will review and act upon the need to preserve documents upon receipt of this request,” a spokesperson said. “The NYPD has a strong security system and upon receipt of this request, as it does with all such requests, will provide a hearing on all requested and relevant evidence. The purpose of The suspension of the trial is the suspension of a standard retention period set by the NYC Law Department and the Department of Records and Information Services.

The representative of the city attorney’s office said that their office has not seen the complaint, but will review the case after it is filed. given.

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