Latin Lawyers Announces Achievement Award

Lawyer Latina is pleased to announce the second winner of this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award: Ordélio Azevedo Sette, founding partner of Azevedo Sette Advogados in Brazil.

Azevedo Sette, 81, is respected locally and internationally for his expertise in anti-corruption, compliance and business negotiations. His extensive legal knowledge also extends to mergers and acquisitions, insurance and financial services.

The respected lawyer founded the eponymous company back in 1967 as a mining store in Belo Horizonte and has been an important force for its growth over the past 56 years. The outfit, which is just-serving, promotes special organizations, employees, management and tax practices, etc. It has also expanded its presence in Brasília, Recife, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Azevedo Sette spearheaded many important initiatives in the local legal system. In 1983, he founded the Center for Lawyers in Brazil (CESA). The center brings together more than 1,000 law firms in 16 local branches in Brazil to discuss the future of law and society. He is also credited with his participation in the merger of the steel manufacturing company Usiminas – the first in Brazilian history.

Azevedo Sette has helped build businesses and policies around the world through many mandates over the course of his career. These include being a foreign consultant for the United Nations and being the president of the International Chamber of Commerce of Brazil. He also made important contributions during his tenure as a member of the Business and Industry Advisory Committee at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development in France.

Another highlight of the lawyer’s career was traveling to Vienna, Austria, in 2009 to discuss solutions to corruption and inequality at the World Justice Forum.

Presented by the Latin Lawyer Lifetime Achievement Award in two categories each year, one covering Brazil and the other for a person from another jurisdiction in Latin America. Carlos Eduardo Lombardi of Bruchou & Funes de Rioja in Argentina was hearing like another Lifetime Achievement Award winner yesterday.

The Latin Lawyer will present Azevedo Sette and other winners with their awards anniversary ceremony at the Unique Hotel in São Paulo on May 11. Tickets are available here.

More winners will be announced in future announcements. All of this year’s Individual Award winners can be found here here.

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