Kangana Ranaut wrapped up Emergency, revealing that she had to mortgage ‘everything’ to herself to keep the show going.

Actor Kangana Ranaut on Saturday it was announced that filming on the drama had been completed Emergency, his first film as a solo director, in which he played the first prime minister of Indira Gandhi in the turbulent 1970s. Kangana made her acting debut in the historical drama Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi, which she directed from the original director. Krishna Jagarlamudi.

Taking to Instagram, Kangana shared a few BTS photos from the sets of Emergency, writing, “While I’m wrapping Emergency as an actor today….it’s the most glorious part my life comes to its fullest… I seem to have sailed through it with ease but in reality it is far from it…”

Kangana revealed that she had to mortgage all her possessions to make the film, and how she had “horribly low blood pressure” when she contracted dengue while filming the first scene of the film. He wrote, “From mortgaging all my possessions, everything I had, to catching dengue in the first place and being arrested despite the danger. low blood cells, I mean a very tested person…. I was very open about my feelings on SM (social media) but I didn’t share all of this, honestly because I didn’t want people who are worried to worry suddenly and those who really want to see it I fell and did everything that hurt me, I did not want to give them the pleasure of my pain …. At the same time I want to share with you everything if you believe that working hard is enough for your dreams or what you want, think again because that is not true…”


“You have to work hard to give even if you deserve it you will be tested beyond your limits and you must not break… Stick to yourself until you can . .. you are blessed when life saves you but you are blessed when it doesn’t. …… but broken and crushed … remember… Because it’s time for you to be born again…,” added Kangana.

Calling Emergency a “rebirth,” he ended the book by writing, “Thank you to my very talented team for making this happen for me… PS to all of them worry for me please know that I am now in a safe place … share all this if I didn’t … please don’t worry, I just need your blessings and love ❤️.”

Responding to Kangana’s post, her co-star Anupam Kher wrote, “Dear Canaan! Your letter here touched my heart in a very inspiring way. My grandfather once wrote to me in a letter in the hard days before he appeared in my films, ‘A wet man is not afraid of rain!’ You can’t be stopped. Your brutal honesty with yourself is your greatest strength! Carry on! Love and prayers always! 😍👍.”

Kangana plays Indira Gandhi in Emergency. The historical drama also stars Shreyas Talpade, Vishak Nair, Mahima Chaudhry and Milind Soman, and is expected to release later this year.

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