Judge: Texas lawyer accused of arson is first person to remain in prison without bond

BATON ROUGE – Christian King, the lawyer accused of burning down his family’s home in a indiscriminate arson attacks caught on video, is being held without charge and his charges were upgraded following a court hearing.

King is a Texas-based attorney accused of violating a protective order against his wife and their child. The victim, Breanna Jones, said King threatened her and her family multiple times leading up to the alleged arson. .

A report from the Assured Supervision Accountability Program revealed that King trample often Jones’ “stay away” zone in recent weeks, including the morning Jones’ home was set on fire.

King was initially charged with arson, but after his pre-trial hearing, the charge was upgraded to aggravated arson. The judge also decided that he will be held without bond before his trial.

King was scheduled to appear in court in Baton Rouge on Wednesday, but he appeared again on Friday after he said he was unable to appear. then he contacted his lawyer to let them know about the review.

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