Judge suspends attorney’s license for Alex Jones after missing Sandy Hook document | CNN Politics


A Connecticut judge suspended right-wing attorney Alex Jones’ license after he allegedly released court documents from the Sandy Hook scandal.

The files included two years of Jones’ text messagesmedical records from some of the Sandy Hook families and other confidential research material.

“Fundamentally, lawyers must competently and appropriately handle discovery of sensitive material in civil cases,” Judge Barbara Bellis wrote in a court order which suspended the license of attorney Norman Pattis for six months. “Otherwise, our civil system, where access to sensitive information is common and routine, will only collapse.”

Bellis said he “rejected” Pattis’ claim that his release of classified documents was an “inadvertent error,” writing that Pattis “failed to provide even the slightest the attention and care required when it comes to the handling of the sensitive material obtained by the plaintiff.”

“We cannot expect our justice system or external lawyers to be perfect but we can expect fairness and honesty,” Bellis wrote. “There is no justice or respect in the treatment of the plaintiff’s most sensitive and personal information, and no excuse for (Pattis’) dishonesty.”

Despite the suspension of his license, Pattis is currently in the legal team representing the leader of the Proud Boys. Joseph Biggs as he faces trial for sedition charges in Washington, DC. Pattis notified the judge in the case of his suspension Friday morning, and said he plans to appeal the suspension and will continue to represent Biggs.

Pattis will not make any arguments in court Friday, he said, as he files an appeal and explores whether he can practice law in Washington, DC, despite the Connecticut ban.

Pattis did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the suspension.

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