Judge Orders Trump and Lawyers to Pay Nearly $1 Million in Hillary Clinton Lawsuit

A federal judge allowed former President Donald trumpet and one of his top lawyers paid nearly a million dollars for the file a false judgment against the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and more than a dozen of Trump’s political opponents, Bloomberg report.

U.S. District Judge Donald M. Middlebrooks of South Florida, he sent out The suit in September said in a 46-page ruling that Trump, his lead attorney Alina Habba, and his law firm were jointly liable for $937,989.

“This case should never have been brought,” Judge Middlebrooks wrote. “His disability as a legal claim was known from the beginning. No proper attorney to file. It was intended for a political, no-punishment of the amended complaint that stated a cognizable legal claim.”

He also said why he believes Trump, who often hides behind and blames his lawyers for his mistakes, is accused of using the court “to take revenge.”

“Mr. Trump is a ruthless and litigious person who always uses the courts to take revenge on political enemies. He is the epitome of abuse of court, and cannot be seen as a judge who blindly follows the advice of a lawyer. He knew the impact of his actions,” said Judge Middlebrooks. “So, I know that punishment should be imposed on Mr. Trump and his leadership adviser, Ms. Habba.”

In March, Trump filed a 108-page complaint accused Clinton, James Comey, and countless others of conspiring to falsely accuse him of ties to Russia “with the intent of ruining his life” and “falsifying the 2016 Presidential Election for Hillary Clinton.”

Move on

The indictments issued Thursday on behalf of 18 defendants filed a joint motion in October alleging that Trump knowingly filed an “unsupported, and unconstitutional amendment.”

Recently, the Trump organization He was ordered to pay a $1.6 million fine for committing a tax evasion scheme in which high-ranking officials were given many under-the-table benefits. Now, there is the $250 million claim New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a lawsuit against Trump in September, which also seeks to bar him from doing business in the state.

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