Insurance company Blue Cross Blue Shield is unhappy with the change in prescription benefits

SIMPSONVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) – Stephanie Baker said last year she started getting her medication from Howard’s Pharmacy in Simpsonville.

“They’re local and I really wanted to support a local business here in Simpsonville,” Baker said.

But this year her pharmacy told her that her prescriptions would soon be available through the OptumRX mail order service or through CVS if she wanted coverage. to be insured. Over-the-counter medications are prescription medications that are often used to treat mild or chronic conditions. He said his insurance is through Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina.

“At first I was very upset because I feel it’s my choice to choose which pharmacy I go to and I’ve been using Howard’s for a little over a year,” said a Baker. “I specifically left CVS and came here and it was great.”

A spokesperson for BCBS of South Carolina issued a statement. It said in part:

“On January 1 of each year changes can be made to a member’s health plan. The types of changes depend largely on the member’s plan type. The plan may be one prepared by their boss; one received; or a government program such as Medicare or Medicaid. Many changes can save a member money or make it easier to get health care.”

Scott Causey is co-owner of Howard’s Pharmacy and says this change has happened to many people. It is said that Howard’s Pharmacy was started in 1934 by his wife’s older brother.

“I definitely think it’s a disappointment because the customer needs the ability to choose where they want to go,” Causey said.

Written by Dr. David Wilcox from North Carolina writes about “How to Avoid Becoming a Crisis in the American Healthcare System.” He said that even if a person gets a prescription from the website, it may be cheaper if the customer pays cash.

“If someone wants to look at GoodRX, which is based on coupons and rebates from hospital benefit managers, then they can lower their initial cost,” Wilcox said.

BCBS of South Carolina also provided this information.

“There was a change in the ACA’s individual/family prescription drug benefit program for drugs that are considered maintenance drugs. The change made in the previous program offered more expenses for the member. And, by choosing a 90-day supply of medication, a member with a chronic illness can always take their medication. Adherence to medication can improve the health of the member. “

Baker said that despite his insurance changes he will continue with Howard’s pharmacy and pay out of pocket.

“The thing that worried me the most was that we weren’t told,” Baker said. “It is not listed in our policy. We called our agent and asked him to confirm and he didn’t know.”

BCBS of South Carolina says that if a person is unsure of their prescription benefits, call the number listed on the insurance policy.


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