Illinois quick hit: Illinois’ US senators seek US attorney candidates

Illinois’ U.S. senators seek candidates for U.S. attorney

Illinois senators are accepting applications for anyone interested in becoming the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois.

US Attorney John Lausch, who has been indicted on federal corruption charges and charges against politicians at almost all levels of government, earlier this month. he announced his retirement.

Most recently, Lausch reviewed classified documents obtained from President Joe Biden’s residence and recommended a special counsel be appointed.

The Illinois woman was charged with the disease-deception forced

An Illinois woman is in legal trouble after federal prosecutors indicted her on fraud charges related to more than $440,000 in medical assistance programs.

Authorities say Kimberly Ray-Duncan, 54, of South Holland, used the money to buy a boat and a Gucci dog collar.

Chicago’s debt relief pilot program has begun

Chicago Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot has announced the start of the 2023 Administrative Debt Relief Pilot Program.

The program provides an education for people facing debts caused by violations of the Administrative Hearing such as violations issued by the Ministry of Highways and Sanitation, Police, Home, and Business and Consumer Protection.


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