‘I put my soul in it’: Waco businessman faces insurance nightmare after driver destroys his luxury car

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – A Waco businessman is picking up the pieces after a speeding car crashed into his spa early Christmas morning.

The paneled walls are what you’ll see when you drive past the R&M Beauty Style spa in the Central Texas Marketplace.

Spa owner Mariya Adams said she still couldn’t believe the accident was real. “It really breaks my heart, because I put my whole soul into this business,” Adams said.

A part of his heart is gone. “It’s like a tornado when they spin everything,” he said.

Authorities say a driver lost control of the vehicle’s speed and crashed into the side of the Create A Cig store, then R&A Beauty Style, and into the wall of the Zales Outlet.

However, Adams said, he took most of the damage. “I look at the camera and say, ‘Wow, everything’s really messed up,'” Adams said.

Dust, debris and glass are everywhere, undoing the owner’s seven years of hard work.

“Like my baby, you know? You build and grow, grow, and grow – now it’s closed. It’s really hard for me,” Adams said, adding that his business has been closed since the accident.

Thankfully, no one was hurt, but Adams said it may have been a close call.

“If he had come in the daytime, he would have killed us, 100 percent,” Adams said.

Now, he says he is in a bad dream.

“The store does not have loss insurance. There will be a lot of comebacks,” Adams said.

He wants people to be careful when driving because you can cause more damage than just a house.

“He destroyed not only the spa, he destroyed, like me, the interior,” Adams said.

Waco police said they have not issued citations and have not charged the driver.

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