How to Check Chase Credit Card Application Status

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JPMorgan Chase is one of the largest credit card issuers in the United States. This bank offers more than 30 cards, each with different features and qualifications. From a basic card that helps college students build credit, to special travel cards designed for people with special qualifications, there’s sure to be a card that fits your needs.

After you apply for the Chase credit card you want, you wait for a response. Is your request accepted or rejected? In most cases, you will receive it quickly, especially if you apply online. But, if you have applied and you have not received an immediate decision, you may be wondering how to check the status of your application. Read on—we’ll explain how to apply for a Chase card, how to check the status of your application and what you can do if it’s denied.

How can I apply for a Chase Credit Card?

There are two ways to apply for a Chase credit card:

Fill out an Application Form

You may have received an invitation to apply for a personal credit card in the mail. Such pre-authorization books are based on credit, so they do not affect your grades.

However, receiving such a letter is not a guarantee that you will receive the card. This means that Chase reviewed your credit score and history and determined that you qualify. To find out if you really do, you must submit the application so that the bank can conduct a thorough information and financial analysis. As with any credit card application, there will be a study hardwhich may increase your score by a few points.

To apply, fill out the form, put it in the envelope it contains and send it back. Be sure to mail it to a secure location, such as the US post office, since your personal and financial information will be on the application. You can also pick up an application at a Chase branch, complete it, and then give it to a teller or bank manager.

Fill out an Online Form

On Chase’s website you will find the bank’s full range of credit cards. These include all Chase-brand cards, such as the popular one Chase Sapphire Reserve®and co-branded cards, such as Chase airline tickets issue in partnership with Combined and Southwest.

You can narrow down your options by reviewing our options for Best credit card Chase. After you have decided on the account you want, you can start the application process by pressing the “apply now” button. Then you fill out an online form and click the “submit” button.

Either on paper or online, you’ll need to provide the following information for a Chase credit card:

  • First and last name (middle name optional)
  • Date of birth
  • Maiden name is Tina
  • Social Security number or Individual Tax ID number
  • Mailing address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Housing price
  • Employment status
  • Total annual income

How long does Chase process credit card applications?

All credit card issuers are required to respond to credit applications with an approval or denial within 30 days.

According to Chase, if you submit an application for a Visa or Mastercard online, you can get approval in minutes. Almost instant approval is possible because the bank automatically cross-checks your credit score and the financial information you provide in the account’s requirements.

However, if you are applying for special credit cards—such as business or student cards, or credit cards that require special credit scores —you may experience delays, even when using the internet. Chase can manually review your application to make sure you meet all the criteria. They may also request additional information, such as proof of income, before giving final approval.

If you sent in your application, you should receive a decision from Chase within a few weeks. It will arrive in a letter and an email.

How to Check Chase Credit Card Application Status

If you do not receive an immediate online message from Chase to let you know whether or not your application has been accepted, take action.

You can check the status of your Chase credit card application by calling the bank’s application status line at 888-338-2586.

If you are a current Chase customer, you can also check your application status online. Log in to your account and find “application status.” Click the button to check for an update.

When can I start using my Chase credit card?

When you’re approved for a Chase credit card, you’ll usually receive your card in the mail within 7 to 10 business days. If you haven’t received the card after a few weeks, call or visit a local branch office to find out what happened and fix the problem.

When you receive your card, you will also receive instructions for activating your account. You can complete this process over the phone or online. Once you do, you will be able to make transactions.

For some cards, however, you don’t have to wait for the card to arrive in the mail. For example, if you are allowed for the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, the bank will also provide you with information that you can enter in your digital wallet. Once you do it, you can use it immediately.

Why Did Chase Reject My Credit Application?

The most common reason a credit card is declined is that you don’t meet the card’s eligibility criteria. Your credit score may be too low, or your income may not be sufficient for the account you want. Or maybe you don’t have a solid history, like you’re applying for original credit card.

Another reason for the rejection of the credit card can be the payment pattern. If you have made mistakes with other information that appears on your credit report, especially in the past year or two, this may trigger an automatic denial.

Also, be careful not to apply for too many other credit cards in a short period of time. These hard inquiries will be recorded on your credit file and can be seen as a red flag that you are in financial danger. Chase also has something called the 5/24 ruleThis means that if you have opened five or more credit cards from any issuer in the past 24 months, your application for a Chase card will automatically be declined.

There are times, however, when you make a mistake with your credit card application. You may have typed in a Social Security number, which means you can’t get your true score—or you entered it on the wrong income statement, or you didn’t fill out all the fields on the form. This will either delay the approval process or result in a false denial.

If your application is denied, you will receive a letter in the mail, explaining the reasons. This could also be your chance to ask Chase to reconsider you for the card, if you believe you do, in fact, qualify.

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How to Choose the Right Chase Credit Card

You may be tempted to apply for a Chase credit card if the offer looks good before you’re approved. Although it may sound good to you, this bank offers many other credit cards, so it makes sense to review the options before submitting an application.

Your decision should be based not only on what you qualify for, but what is best for your life. You may want a card that offers cash back rewards or one that is bundled with an airline so you can earn miles for travel.

Finally, while pursuing a credit card that fits your general situation, you can avoid suffering a difficult search on your credit report for a card that you put in the sock. In short, use it wisely.

Bottom line

Chase has provided a phone number you can call to check the status of your credit card application: 888-338-2586. And, if you’re an existing Chase customer, you can log in online and use the “request status” button in your account list.

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