How much do staff attorneys cost? 2023 Guidelines

Workers’ compensation attorneys often take your case on an emergency fee basis if you are injured on the job. This means you only pay your lawyer if you have successfully recovered the reward.

You do not have to pay any legal fees for your attorney if you do not receive money for your work injuries if an attorney represents you on a wrongful death claim. . You may, however, have to pay some of the legal fees and expenses associated with your case regardless of the outcome.

Default fees are given as a percentage of the amount you get back. Some states place limits on the percentage that a workers’ comp attorney can charge. For example, your attorney may be limited to charging you no more than 10% to 20% of the amount you recover. depending on where you live. However, laws vary by state and some have no restrictions.

The complexity of your case can also determine how much your attorney can charge you. For example, a simple personal injury claim settled in an out-of-court settlement may earn your attorney 10% of your refund. found but a more complex case that ends up being resolved in court may result in a large payout of 15. % of your work-injury compensation.

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