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Look, it’s very clear that the debt limit should be dealt with unconditionally. We’ve been very clear on that, and we’re continuing to clarify that. And – and we believe that Congress should act in a two-way way – as they have done three times in the last administration, as they have done 78 times since 1960, 49 times with a president of the Republican, and 29 times with a Democratic president.

This is very important. We have seen reports that if a crisis occurs, 6 million jobs could be lost. Right? We are talking about an economy where we saw the GDP, the other day, at 2.9 percent growth, which is more than what was expected.

Now we are seeing economic growth. We are seeing unemployment, a 50-year low. Almost 11 (million) jobs have been done under this President.

Karine Jean-PierreWhite House Press Secretary

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