Have Children? According to Suze Orman, your life insurance policy should remain valid until this age.

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This is solid advice that should be heeded.

Main idea

  • Some people who buy life insurance get a policy that expires after a certain period of time.
  • If you have children, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the right coverage.
  • Suze Orman recommends keeping your policy in place during your children’s teenage years.

When it comes to sales life insurance, you have options. You can opt for a whole life insurance policy, which covers you for a fixed amount and accumulates a cash value over time. Or, you can get a permanent life insurance policy, which will only install you for a period of time and will not accumulate any cash value.

While there are certainly benefits to getting whole life insurance, term life insurance can be more affordable. Or, alternatively, many people who buy whole life insurance end up struggling to make their payments and risk losing their insurance as a result. So in most cases, term life insurance is the best option because you don’t usually have to deal with a lot of price issues.

Nowadays, it is common to buy life insurance to protect your children financially in the event of your death. But since life insurance expires after a certain period, it is important to ensure the correct amount. And in that regard, financial guru Suze Orman has some great advice.

Make sure your children are protected into adulthood

Choosing the term of your life insurance policy can be difficult. The longer that period, the more you pay. But if you decide to take a short time, you may leave your children in a difficult situation if you die young.

That’s why Orman says it’s best to have life insurance that lasts until your children are old. In fact, in the near future part of the podcastOrman recommends getting life insurance that lasts until your children are 23 or 24 years old.

At that point, you’ll likely finish college and maybe even graduate school. And that means at least, they will be in a position to take care of themselves if you are not around to provide financial support.

Now, let’s say your oldest son is five, your son just turned three, and you’re shopping for life insurance. A good bet is to secure a life insurance policy for 20 years or less. If you have a policy for 10 years and it expires at age 11, your children will not benefit from your policy. And since they will only be teenagers at that time, it may end up in a bad financial situation for them.

Don’t underestimate the stock

The point of buying life insurance is that it is cheap. So if you are getting insurance to protect your children, be sure to put in a long-term policy to carry them through young adulthood.

You can also choose to purchase a 25-year term life insurance policy so that you can provide financial support to your children if they decide to pursue a career in need. many years of schooling. At the very least, providing coverage until your children are in their early 20s is a safe bet.

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