Guns allegedly used by 6-year-old to shoot teacher are kept on top shelf of mother’s closet, attorney says | CNN


The gun allegedly used by the former student accused of shooting his teacher in Newport News, Virginia, was kept on the top shelf of the closet of his mother’s bedroom, James Ellenson, the attorney representing the child’s family, told CNN.

The gun was secure through a press conference, the lawyer told CNN in an email Sunday.

Ellenson did not specify how the 6-year-old was able to obtain the weapon.

This week, Newport News Police and ATF officers conducted their second round of searches at two homes belonging to the boy’s family, Ellenson said.

No charges have been filed.

The gun was legally purchased by the child’s mother, who may face charges at the end of the investigation, according to Newport News Police Chief Steve Drew. The student brought it to school in his backpack, he said.

The teacher, Abby Zwerner, 25, was released from the hospital last week. He was shot in the chest after a bullet went through one of his arms, according to Drew.

On Thursday the family of the boy a informationsaid their son was severely disabled and they prayed for Zwerner, who “selflessly served our son and the children at school.”

Richneck Elementary has been closed since Jan. 6, but students and parents are being invited back Wednesday for a two-hour non-academic session, according to a statement. book from a school principal.

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