Gunna & 6ix9ine’s ‘Snitching’ Comparison Explained by Lawyer

Kodak Black’s the lawyer breaks down the difference between Gunna and 6ix9ine a each pleads, reaffirming the idea that the YSL singer hasn’t mastered the technology as much as her rainbow-haired rapper friend has.

Bradford Cohen took to Instagram this week to give a detailed answer to the many questions he received because of the recent request of Gunna Alford, in which he was found. pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy in the YSL RICO case to secure his release from prison.

Of the DS4E all rapper one of the many members of YSL who made appearanceswhich experts believe will only strengthen the prosecution’s case against them Young Thugwho they accuse of being the leader of the “criminal gang.”

As for 6ix9ine, he’s popular cooperation with federal authorities back in 2020 to punish many New York members Nine Bloods Trey Gangsta. Although Apologies for his “snitching” ways.the “Gummo” rapper stood firm in his decision to testify against his opponents.

“I have received a large number of DMs questioning my opinion on the Gunna vs 69 comparison,” Cohen wrote. “It’s nice, but in my opinion there are different situations. First I don’t judge what a Def does for their own good. That is their business. You can decide if you FW them or not and that’s your choice. Some people believe that any fear is fear.”

He continued: “In Gunna’s case, his plea is only to protect (Young Thug) if he blames Gunna for the drugs in the car. Other than that, the statement does not come to court. This vs. 69. That was full of testimony against the opposition sponsor and against others in the industry. Also, not saying which is right or wrong, but there is a clear difference in the 2 situations. What do you think…is it a scam?”

Some people seem to think that there is little difference between Gunna and 6ix9ine’s position, including the last owner of the Wack 100, which was earlier this week. preview a new song by his artist Yung Magnificent and the hook says (“Tell the truth on the stage, he never lies”) was inspired by Gunna’s recent request.

Lil Durk He also seems to have been inspired to write new poems during Gunna’s activities. On Monday (January 16), the Chicagoan preview a new song on social media with words that seem to relate to Search Time direct hitmaker.

“What happened to Virgil? Maybe he’ll tell/ I let him go cause Timo ain’t selling/ Thanks 7 and Booka, I’m proud of Melvin/ When lil boo and them are mad, it ain’t no what you can tell them/ I can tell you. what I did for the streets/ You got the papers, do it and reach out/ I hit the Clubhouse and jumped into the cow,” Durk died on the way.

Gunna and Durk previously collaborated on the song “What happened to Virgil?” the latter is different 7220 album, which paid tribute to the late Louis Vuitton and OFF-WHITE designer.

6ix9ine Trolls Gunna For Allegedly Producing Femdom In YSL RICO Case.

Kindness Mill and Lil Pepe added to Gunna’s incarceration by announcing that he no longer follows the rapper on Instagram as a result of his plea deal. Searching for Gunna’s name on Meek and Pepe’s list of followers has now been found to be futile, as eagle-eyed fans can see.

Although the tension is strong, it’s Gunna insisted that he was not mocking anyone.

“Although I agree to be honest at all times, I want to make it absolutely clear that I did not make statements, did not interview, did not cooperate, did not agree to testify or be a witness for or against any party in the country. case and have absolutely no intention of attending the court in any way,” he said in a statement after his release from prison.

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