Gianforte names Helena’s lawyer Gallus as Commissioner of Political Affairs

HELENA – The Gov. has appointed Greg Gianforte, a Helena attorney, is his choice to become Montana’s top political watchdog.

Gianforte has appointed Chris Gallus as Commissioner of Political Affairs. He will replace former commissioner Jeff Mangan, who left the position on December 30.

“Montanans deserve a political system that is open and honest, and they expect an independent, nonpartisan, well-qualified Commissioner of Political Affairs to act as a watchdog to preserve that system,” the said Governor Gianforte. “I have every confidence that Chris Gallus will serve as commissioner with honor and integrity. I appreciate Chris’ willingness to serve the people of Montana in this important role, and look forward to his confirmation in the Senate.

If the Montana Senate gives its approval to Gallus, he will serve a six-year term.

The Office of the Commissioner of Political Affairs is responsible for monitoring Montana’s campaign finance disclosures and standards for law enforcement, public officials and citizens. state employees, and for investigating complaints and complaints.

Gallus grew up in Butte and said he has lived in Helena for 20 years. He first worked as an attorney for the Montana Chamber of Commerce, then started his own law practice. Gianforte said his practice included constitutional litigation, public relations, and state and federal campaign finance law. Gallus also previously worked as a lobbyist, most recently for the Bennett Law Office in Missoula.

Gallus told MTN that he specializes in electoral matters, such as elections, and in his practice, represented clients who interacted with the office. the COPP. He said it gave him an understanding of what the job required. He stated that he does not have any special instructions for the Office, but thinks that there are still areas to make it easier. He said COPP’s work should focus on its priority: increasing transparency for Montana citizens.

Gallus said his first day of work at the office was Monday.

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