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Keep BTC, ETH, and other currencies in your wallet? Make the most of your money by using LYOTRADE’s Crypto Loans.

  • Use your crypto as proof and get stablecoins instantly and use them for different trading strategies.
  • There are 60 types of cryptocurrencies can be used as evidence. By doing these things you can make money from their price increase.
  • No KYC and credit check required to borrow stablecoins. Submit a loan request, enter your wallet address, and receive stablecoins in 10 minutes.
  • You get it when the value of your original security goes up. Otherwise, if the price drops, it will be paid at a fixed price.

How do Crypto Loans work on LYOTRADE?

This service of LYOTRADE, a regulated crypto tradingit allows you to earn stablecoins like USDT, USDC, and BUSD to exchange for cryptocurrencies or tokens that are used as proof. The regulated crypto exchange provides a highly secure digital wallet for each user, which is only accessible through a limited number of IP addresses using a VPN. Also, the wallet private key it changes monthly and the risk management checks the wallet balance every second.

Borrowing stablecoins with LYOTRADE is easy. Set the amount you want to borrow from 100 USDT. The percentage rate is derived 12% to 16% annually, depending on the chosen amount to be loaned. In addition, the monthly interest starts from the time the loan was taken and is included in the repayment amount.

The current loan-to-value of the crypto trading license is at 50% or 70%. What does this mean? You will receive 50% or 70% of the guaranteed price as a loan, which allows you to reduce your risk and save you from the fluctuation of the price of the guarantee. However, if the value of your security falls and reaches the liquidation value, it will be liquidated automatically.

What is the cancellation fee?

The liquidation cost is a specific value of your collateral that requires liquidation, closing the loan. It is controlled by the foundation throughout the period. However, if the rate of interest used for the guarantee falls below the liquidation level, the guarantee will be liquidated automatically and four cancel the loan.

What Assets Does LYOTRADE Support?

Of the 60 types of digital assets can be used as proof of BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), BCH (Bitcoin Cash), Nano (XNO), DOGE, DGB (Digibyte), XMR (Monero), FIRO, XPR (Ripple) and tokens ETH platforms such as ENJ, LINK, MKR and others. As for loans, we offer Tether USDT (on another link), BUSD, and USDC. Other assets will be added soon.

Cushion From Volatility

When the crypto market feels turbulent and volatile, crypto loans are a way to reduce risk in these uncertain times. Whatever state the crypto market is in, crypto investments can help you earn fixed income.

The main goal of crypto loans is to give special people like you the opportunity to get the assets they own, get the required amount in stablecoin, and get back the original guarantee. There are many cryptocurrencies that deserve to be held for a long time, such as BTC, the popular cryptocurrency. But instead of keeping them asleep in your wallet, using them as proof to exchange for stablecoins on the LYOTRADE crypto exchange will allow you to do more when it comes to transactions and purchases.

Crypto loans do not require your expertise in the crypto world, unlike digital asset trading. Funds are not frozen for a specific period of time and can be withdrawn whenever you want. The whole process of crypto loans is simple: save your crypto, get stablecoins, and start earning.

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