Georgia Attorney General Wants Punishment Against APD Training Camp Protesters

ATLANTA – For months, Channel 2 News reported about protesters targeting an Atlanta police training facility in DeKalb County.

Track 2 Research Writer Mark Winne Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr knows he wants to get serious punishment against many of the domestic terrorism suspects who are target location.

“This is not Oregon. We are not Washington or New York or California. We are Georgia. Do not come to our state and engage in violence against our citizens, against our law enforcement or break our laws. It will not be accepted. You will be prosecuted, and we will not stop until we make sure that everyone who was a part of this is held accountable,” said Carr.

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On Wednesday, seven protesters were arrested and charged with domestic terrorism after an attack that left a GSP soldier in the hospital and the person who shot him. None of them were from Georgia.

Six others were arrested in December and charged with domestic terrorism. All but one of them came from outside the state of Georgia.

Carr said his office and is working with DeKalb County District Attorney Sherry Boston’s office to move forward on a charge.

The attorney general said he was inside the nearby police headquarters when the protesters began to evacuate the protesters from the area and a soldier was shot and the suspect killed in the shooting.


“He was very angry, very angry. And to go there with each person, law enforcement, you are asking to do a job, and then one of those people will not go home to their family because of this act of violence, it is very difficult. ,” Carr said.

Winne learned that Carr and DA Boston have been working with a special task force with the GBI, FBI, ATF, DeKalb police and Atlanta police for several months to investigate several terrorist incidents in the country to supposedly related to the opposition to the center of education.

Carr said he is not targeting peaceful protesters.

“I think it’s important to remember that protesters use words. They don’t use AR-15s. They don’t use guns. They don’t throw Molotov cocktails at firefighters and construction workers. They don’t put needles in the trees,” he explained.

The attorney general also informed Winne that he is working closely with Governor Brian Kemp.

“Let me be clear, if you participated, if you aided or abetted this violence against our community and against law enforcement, you can and will be prosecuted,” Carr said. .

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