Gantry has completed nearly $5 billion in commercial mortgage production by 2022 for its second best year on record.

SAN FRANCISCO–()–Gantrythe largest independent commercial mortgage company in the US, has completed $4.93 billion of commercial mortgage production by 2022. Despite the economic crisis and the subsequent change in financial markets, Gantry’s operations in 2022 were close to its record production of $5.15 billion in 2021, and 2022. became the company’s second strongest year in three decades of continuous mortgage operations. commercial.

“Last year was a story of two halves, where after the record of Q1 and Q2 full production, the market slowed down for the acquisition of prices in the second half of the year,” the said. Gantry’s Jeff Wilcox. “Despite the challenges, we have a dedicated team that has successfully managed cycle transitions in the past and operate from that perspective. Our response is to dig in, analyze the facts new, and work with customers to identify the best options to achieve their goals. Although we expect the continued slowdown in asset transactions at the time of acquisition In the first half of 2023, the large number of maturities this year means we will continue to work hard to identify attractive financing options for qualified borrowers. appropriate education and/or opportunities. We are confident for the year ahead in our ability to manage the changing market. Real estate business continues to perform as evidenced by our service and Interest rates on most of our loans remain high, as of 2022.”

In addition, showing the strength of the company in 2022, Gantry’s $17.5 billion national service continues to record no failures in all types of assets. This performance can be attributed to Gantry’s strong relationships with its borrower-buyers both at origination and servicing, proven at the time of placement. and the company’s advisory role when tailoring the financing to fit the borrower’s specific plans. The portfolio will be closely monitored for changes in performance, parenting and tenant migration as it conducts year-end reviews.


Gantry originated 476 unique loans in 2022 covering all types of business assets. Life companies, regional banks, and credit unions financed 85% of Gantry’s total production for 2022, with the best types of borrowers for different borrowers. In terms of secured assets, Gantry continued to close commercial and office loan transactions as well as commercial real estate loans. and multi-family homes. Gantry has also been successful in financing specialty asset classes such as health care and self storage from multiple underwriters and lenders.

The main standards that are generally considered to be increased from 2022 to 2023 include the following:

  • The price exploration and improvement environment will continue in Q1 2023, with the pace of asset sales slowing. until the financing costs are adjusted to meet the debt service limit.

  • Aging and refinancing will dominate new production in 2023 as investment slows. Gantry anticipates a major effort in identifying options for challenging assets.

  • Price lock-in at the time of application is a competitive advantage for life companies as price volatility remains a relevant concern heading into 2023.

  • Life insurance companies will compete and operate in 2023 though they will focus on metrics and commercial advertising.

  • Regional banks and credit unions will continue to be a strong source of borrowers, but not as strong in 2022. Large banks continue to reduce their activity.

  • Infrastructure financing is easily accessible in the traditional short-term and built on permanent structures that have equity and strong fundamentals.

  • Bridge lenders operate at the current rate as a fund to finance additional capital gains and liquidity challenges. e through short-term credit options.

  • Fixed-term loans remain a viable option, with large down payment rates that can meet the credit service requirements.


Gantry, a long-time Standard & Poor’s-rated service provider, continues to meet 100% performance targets on its $17.5 billion national portfolio. loan service includes more than 2,000 unique lenders in 43 states. This portfolio represents loans in the office, industrial, retail, multi-family, mixed-use, healthcare, personal storage, hotel, and mobile home asset classes. Consistent performance to date, over the past three years, is a testament to Gantry’s strong relationship with its creditors. liquidity is large, and the company’s and borrowers’ relationship with each other from the issuance of loans to maturity.


Gantry prides itself on fostering a culture of inclusiveness and corporate citizenship as key tenants of its operational vision. As part of these efforts, the company has created a philanthropic assistance program that allows all its professionals to extend their personal support of special non-profit organizations through dollars- e-dollar matching donation. In addition to this commitment, Gantry’s board of directors/managers also voted to share a large contribution for 2022, on behalf of the entire company, in support of Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors, of Scottsdale, Ariz. specialized financial organization that provides housing solutions to 100% disabled adults throughout the United States.

About Gantry

Gantry, a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco, is a full service mortgage company with multiple lines of lenders that use Gantry’s processing, closing, and servicing. Founded in 1991, Gantry currently employs nearly 100 professionals in regional offices in the western United States and New York along with 45 production teams that up from nearly $5 Billion in the last 12 months. The company’s national service portfolio is approximately $17.5 billion representing more than 2,000 loans in 43 states. Gantry is rated as a Primary Servicer by Standard & Poor’s and is one of the few non-bank/non-insurance companies to be awarded this designation. For more information, please visit

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