Forced driving at SBF’s: 3 vehicles rammed into fence and escaped: Lawyer.

Three men drove their car into the metal fence outside the home of Sam Bankman-Fried’s parents where he is being held captive, the SBF lawyers said.

In a federal court filing, the attorneys for the former CEO of FTX said that the three men got out of the car after hitting the bar and told a police officer that guarding the house: “You can’t stop us”.

The three unknown persons were able to drive away before the police recorded the license plate of the vehicle.

According to a Reuters reportThe incident described in the January 19 filing by the court said that it highlights the security risks faced by the FTX platform and those associated with it, including two people Bankman-Fried’s $250 million was confirmed.

“Given the popularity of this issue and the tremendous amount of media attention it receives, it is reasonable to assume that non-parents will also have concerns. privacy and security when their identities are revealed.”

Prosecutors have not released the date or time they say the incident happened.

On January 12, lawyers representing some of the largest English media – including Bloomberg, CNBC, Reuters and the Financial Times – wrote a letter to US District Court Judge Lewis Kaplan request the names of the guarantors.

Media lawyers argued that the public’s right to know the Bankman-Fried defendants outweighed their right to privacy.

Because Bankman-Fried has close ties to some of the richest and most politically connected people on the planet, lawyers argued that his disclosure could undermine public confidence in United States government agencies.

Target: FTX made a profit from Sam Bankman-Fried coins: Report

Bankman-Fried was brought back to America in December and not guilty on all eight counts of fraud and conspiracy against him on January 3.

All the charges refer to his involvement in it FTX emergency in November. Of the many people remain under detention at his parent’s home in California until his court date, which is set for October 2.