Flo Rida – who just won $82 million in a lawsuit against Celsius – accused of neglecting to pay for his disabled son’s school support and health insurance.

  • Flo Rida has been accused of failing to pay his disabled son’s school and insurance.
  • Alexis Adams, the mother of Flo Rida’s child, alleged to Insider that she owes him more than $200 thousand.
  • Weeks before the court’s victory against Celsius, Flo Rida tried to reduce her child support payments.

After the rapper Flo Rida earned $82 million won a breach of contract lawsuit against energy drink company Celsius, the mother of Flo Rida’s son accused the singer of failing to pay child support for the disabled child .

On Wednesday, a jury awarded the “Get Low” rapper, born Tramar Lacell Dillard, a major victory after he alleged that Celsius misled him from key product choices in verified transactions. But heading to court in January, Alexis Adams, who has full custody of the 6-year-old boy, alleged that the rapper had avoided paying child support. and health insurance for many years and even asked to pay less for the child. support before the Celsius bomb decision.

A representative for Dillard’s and his attorney in the custody case did not immediately return Insider’s request for comment.

According to court records reviewed by Insider, Dillard and Adams had a court-ordered custody agreement for their son Zohar since 2018. Through that agreement, Dillard required The Bronx County Family Court ordered Adams to pay $9,000 a month in child support, as well as the full cost of Zohar’s education and health insurance, in the ruling. of the court.

“Tramar’s $82.6 million win didn’t surprise me,” Adams said inside. His compliance “with the custody order by restoring Zohar’s health insurance and being a real family man and father to our son will impress me greatly.” .”

As far as the Celsius trial, Dillard tried to reduce the maintenance of his child

In a 2018 trial, Judge Shira Atzmon ordered Dillard’s child support payments to increase from $8,000 to $9,000 a month, a move that her team argued, according to Bossip.

“What does he have to worry about?” Judge Shira Atzmon told Dillard’s attorney during the trial, Bossip. “He is not involved in this child’s life, he has met once, it is all about money, and I have come here”.

In 2021, Adams finally filed a petition for infringement, asking the court to find Dillard’s testimony about the unpaid fees and take appropriate action.

Recent court records show that in November 2022, an attorney for Dillard argued against a judge’s order to pay for school, saying she could not afford it.

By December 2022, Dillard’s group has asked the court to reduce his monthly maintenance payments.

A judge will need to consider whether Dillard has missed tuition payments and whether he owes money to Zohar, though a hearing date has not been set. eat If Dillard is found to have willfully violated the child support order, he could be ordered to pay unpaid costs or be found in contempt of court and jailed.

The mother of Dillard’s child says she hasn’t paid more than $200,000 of their child’s school fees.

Adams told Insider that Dillard has not paid a fee for Zohar, even though it has been ordered by the court. According to court records, his school bill balance exceeds $200,000 and the school cannot afford it.

Zohar was born with ventriculomegaly, a brain condition that can lead to neurological and learning disabilities. In 2019, Adams Zohar enrolled in a private Manhattan school for students with mental disabilities. He is also diagnosed with autism and needs additional therapy, Adams said.

Dillard “failed to make monthly payments for Zohar’s health insurance,” Adams said in the August 2021 filing. And for all of 2020, he “failed to pay me $6,616.68 in health insurance costs,” Adams said, adding that he was forced to pay out of pocket.

An insurance document reviewed by Insider revealed that Zohar’s coverage was cut off in March 2020, when Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield failed to make specific payments.

Lisa Zeiderman, a partner at Miller Zeiderman LLP and an expert in New York family law, told Insider that Celsius’ decision could ultimately affect the issue of custody. children of Adams and Dillard.

“It really weakens his use on the bottom, and it may strengthen his request for changes on the top,” Zeiderman said. “If someone suddenly comes to $82 million, that’s what we call a dramatic change in circumstances from whatever their previous income was.”

After the Celsius verdict was handed down, Dillard stood in front of a Brinks truck, and shared an Instagram reel showing him in court surrounded by his legal staff, making himself and fans at the courthouse and promoted the beverage company he had just sued.

“People really loved him because he was such a good person,” John Uustal, his attorney for the Celsius case, told Insider after the hard-drinking verdict.

But Adams told Insider that the photo she showed before and throughout the trial did not match the neglect she said she and Zohar experienced.

“Tramar Lacel Dillard is operating under a lie,” Adams said. “I have prepared for him to defy duty with wisdom.”

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