Fish took control of the YouTuber’s Nintendo Switch during a livestream. They made credit card purchases, set up a PayPal account, and even sent an email.

  • The YouTube channel Mutekimaru often lives in rivers with his fish, playing games using mobile devices.
  • During the live stream earlier this month, a glitch caused the fish to leave the game.
  • Using mobile devices, the fish was able to make purchases and set up a PayPal account.

A YouTuber accidentally recorded his betta fish controlling his Nintendo Switch for hours, changing its username, playing games, and so on. enough to pay off a credit card.

The Mutekimaru YouTube channelbased in Japan, always showing the fish, which can be controlled by the devices that detect their movements on the squares corresponding to the different buttons on the Nintendo Switch controller.

Although the channel does not reveal the reason why Betta fish were chosen to control game, they are known to exhibit intelligent traits, including the ability to control game. suffering from depression.

The game fish did the talking first, after being beaten many Pokémon games by swimming around in their tank. The fish that appear on the road are named Maurice, Moo, and Ponyo. The fourth fish, Branch, died in September.

During a livestream earlier this month of the fish playing Pokémon Violet, the owner left his screen to rest, CNN reported. An error caused the program to quit the game and return to the home screen.

The catch, however, was still the Nintendo Switch controller. Over the next few hours, the fish changed the owner’s name on his Switch, downloaded a new avatar, set up a PayPal account (and sent an email about it to the owner). , and read a set of terms and conditions at Nintendo. eShop.

“Read the terms and conditions with interest, most of us don’t read the terms of service, but the fish are smarter than us,” this is one. details in a video of the reading event.

The fish also added 500 yen, or $4, to Switch’s bank account, while revealing his credit card information to his audience, which followed the fish’s movements as he left. .

“This is the first photo that will shock the world of a pet fish making a purchase with its owner’s credit card,” the cartoon joked.

The owner of the YouTube channel did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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