Figo pet insurance review 2023

If you are looking to get your dog or cat certified and want a company that seems to be technologically advanced, Figo could be a good choice.

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Unfortunately, if your dog or cat gets sick or injured in an accident, vet bills can add up quickly. But if there is pet insurancemaybe you can pay back yourself for some of these costs. And unlike most people’s health insurance plans, you usually have the opportunity to visit any doctor you want (although there are some restrictions to consider).

For those in the market for pet insurance, you may be wondering how to get a Figo pet insurance policy. In this Figo pet insurance review, we will look at some of the best features and advantages of this company to help you decide if it is suitable.

If you are in the market for pet insurance then start by getting it a free quote so you know exactly what to expect.

Overview of Figo pet insurance

If you are looking to get your dog or cat certified and want a company that seems to be technologically advanced, Figo could be a good choice.

This pet insurance company offers emergency and disease plans, as well as some extras like health or additional services like paying for certain funerals or cremations.

Overall, the plans are a little on the pricey side, but Figo might be worth it for pet parents who want benefits like medical insurance. previous situation as well as fun things like being able to interact with nearby pets. In addition, its emphasis on technology can make things like filing claims easier for some people.

Figo pet insurance vs. compete

Figo is at the top of the pet insurance rates compared to competitors, and while it’s the best in the model chart below, it’s not necessarily the most expensive.

Depending on specific factors such as children and how you can customize the coverage (eg, adjustable reimbursement limits, reimbursement percentages, and absence), you may end up paying more at other pet insurance companies. In addition, Figo has special features, such as an AI assistant, and includes the Pet Cloud offering to provide services from telehealth to networking with other pet parents in your area. .

Not sure how much Figo pet insurance costs? You can have it a free quote in less than 60 seconds by answering a few short questions.

Price comparison

Here’s a comparison of costs using Figo’s plan versus the competition.



Bring it

Best Animal

Monthly prices for dogs





Monthly prices for cats





Annual Limit





Repayment conditions





Annual Deduction



$300 for Dogs/$250 for Cats


Fees for Large Animal Insurance


5% (10% discount with other types of insurance)



Based on a 1-year-old male mixed breed dog (medium weight) and a 1-year-old female mixed breed cat in New York City, plus vet exam fees for qualifying games. Prices are for reference only and may vary depending on your location.

Figo bet insurance success

Figo pet insurance policy offers many advantages, such as the following:

  • No upper age limit: As long as your dog or cat is at least eight weeks old, it can be covered under Figo. So if you are worried about the age limit, Figo can be a good choice to shade your very furry friend.
  • Special features: Figo also offers many customizations. In addition to choosing things like annual limits, you can also add coverage for veterinary exam fees due to an accident or illness. Another option is health coverage, which can help cover some of the costs for things like health exams and vaccinations. You can also add what Figo calls the “Extra Care Pack,” which can cover things like pet lost/claim coverage and property damage. other areas, although there are some caveats to look out for if you go this route.
  • Short wait times: Another benefit of Figo pet insurance is a relatively short waiting period. Accident insurance can start within one day of purchasing the policy, and for illnesses the waiting period is 14 days. Getting a health screening can also waive the six-month waiting period for certain conditions. In addition, if you need to make a claim, Figo says that these things are paid in 2.6 working days on average, so you can’t wait for a long time to be reimbursed. .
  • Option for 100% refund: If you want to reduce the amount you pay due to an accident or illness, you can go to the 100% reimbursement of Figo for some plans. Although this increases the fees, you may find it useful for your situation.
  • 24/7 chat vet: Using the Figo app, you can consult via live text directly with a veterinarian at any time. So if you’re worried about your dog or cat, you can ask questions to help you figure out what to do next.
  • Pet Cloud: In addition to multi-health veterinary, Figo offers a lot of information technology in the so-called Pet Cloud. There, you can handle things ranging from working with an AI assistant to keeping digital records of your pet to finding pet shelters near you.

If these benefits sound good to you then start the process with Figo by getting them a free quote today.

Figo pet insurance cons

Despite the many benefits of Figo pet insurance, there are a few insurance tips to consider, including:

  • Prices are quite high: Figo seems to be overpriced compared to many other companies. Although you may get some special benefits with Figo, not everyone wants all these features and they are better at a lower price.
  • Additions can be complicated: While some providers offer multiple all-in-one plans, or have benefits available in different categories, additional benefits for Figo can be helpful and confusing, depending on your perspective. For example, instead of having insurance for veterinary exams due to an accident or illness as part of a plan base, you must select this add-on for an additional cost. So, if you choose this insurance, you will want to make sure that you carefully read the attachments as you customize your plan.
  • Maximum reimbursement rate: Some people may see the high repayment rate – from 70-100% – as a good thing, but it can also be more expensive. An insurer with a 50% reimbursement option, for example, may be able to offer lower premiums in exchange for this premium.

The bottom line

If you are willing to spend more money on a pet insurance can have a wide range, as well as special benefits such as quick claims and funny looks, then Figo is right for you. And for some pet parents, being able to cover for what is considered a pre-treatable illness, for example, can provide a price difference compared to other plans.

That said, you may want to shop around with other pet insurance companies to see how their terms and prices stack up. From there, you can choose the price/balance that is best for you and your pet. Start with discovery a free trade price from Figo to see if their plans work for you.

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