Federal judge fines Trump lawyers more than $900,000 for ‘continued abuse of court’

A federal judge in Florida on Thursday fined former President Trump and his legal team more than $900,000 for what he called an “ongoing” abuse of court by pursuing political causes in response to a “frivolous” case against the former senator and Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton.

“This case should never have been brought up. His disability as a legal claim was known from the beginning. No proper attorney to file. Intended for political expediency, there was no punishment for the cosmetic surgery that stated a cognizable legal claim,” the US judge said. District Justice Donald Middlebrooks, a Clinton appointee, wrote in the instructions. The subject to the five previously dismissed.

“The continued misuse of the courts by Mr. Trump and his attorneys undermines the rule of law, exposes judges as partial, and diverts resources from those who are truly victims of the law,” it continued. the order.

Middlebrooks found Trump and his attorneys, including lead attorney Alina Habba, are combining and slapping a nearly million-dollar penalty on his conviction. second of this action against Habba Madaio & Associates.

Trump said in the case dismissed against Clinton and others that they tried to undermine the 2016 presidential election, which pitted Trump against Clinton as the Republican and Democrat nominees, respectively.

The latest 46-page order obtained by Trump and his attorneys brought the case to the fore as part of what Middlebrooks called a “general plan, or playbook” by Trump and his attorneys. the court is misused for political purposes. The judge laid out the “war signs” of this behavior, including “provocative and boastful words,” “a political speech taken on the council,” disregard of legal principles, attacks on the media and “in the event of a bad decision, accusations of judicial bias.”

“Mr. Trump is a mercenary and litigator who regularly uses the courts to exact revenge on political enemies. He is the director of the administration of justice,” the order reads.

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