District Attorney: Massachusetts man charged with adopting three boys, abusing them

BOSTON, A Massachusetts man has been charged with sexually abusing one of the three boys he brought back from Columbia last summer when he traveled to that country to adopt them, the Attorney General announced. Best is Kevin Hayden.

Kiyoshi Yu, 52, of Winthrop was charged at East Boston BMC with one count of assault and battery on a child under 14 years of age. three boys and no contact with children under 16. Yu will return to court on March 7 for a hearing.

Assistant District Attorney John Blazo said Yu traveled to Bogota, Columbia last summer to adopt the boys, ages eight, nine and 13. One of the boys told investigators that , Yu abused the boys in a hotel in Bogota after the adoption. The abuse continued when Yu and the boys returned to the United States.

The charge stemmed from an incident at Yu’s home in Winthrop, where Yu forced one of the boys to hit his private area.

In August, shortly after Yu arrived in the United States with the boys, Rhode Island police found the boys in a car in a parking lot while Yu was at the casino. The boys also told investigators that Yu made them sleep on the floor, wouldn’t allow them to shower, and would wear the same clothes for days. next

“There are many troubling aspects of this case, and it is certainly not representative of the many adoptive parents who strive to provide safe and loving environments for their children. children I thank the investigators for their sensitive work with these children, and certainly the children themselves for publicizing this man’s disturbing behavior,” Hayden said.

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