Derek Chauvin’s lawyer has asked the Court to throw out the charge of George Floyd’s murder

Derek ChauvinThe lawyer of the appeals court asked to dismiss the charge of murder of George Floyd.

According to CBS NewsWilliam Mohrman, Chauvin’s attorney, said before the Minnesota Court of Appeals that his client did not receive a fair trial.

“The main issue in this petition is whether the accused can have a fair trial according to the constitutional requirements in a courthouse surrounded by concrete blocks, barbed wire, two employees’ cars, and a group National Guard soldiers, whoever they are. They’re there for one purpose: if the jury acquits the defendant,” Mohrman said.

Neal Katyal, special counsel for the state, said that Chauvin had “one of the clearest and most thorough trials in the history of our nation. … Chauvin’s arguments before this court are the closest to confirming the change.” He also argued that the judge “handled this trial with great care, and even if Chauvin could show a small flaw, any mistake would not matter. The evidence of Chauvin’s guilt was recorded on the video is for the world to see.”

Chauvin, along with three other former Minneapolis officers, Tou Thao, Thomas Laneand J. Alexander Kueng, the federal grand jury indicted, accusing them of denying Floyd, 46, his rights while he was exercising his public office. Floyd died on May 25, 2020, after nearly nine minutes, in an attempt to arrest him down below Chauvin’s knees.

Chauvinist was found guilty of the crime Floyd’s civil rights. U.S. District Judge Paul Magnuson sentenced Chauvin to 21 years in prison, with credit for time served, making the sentence 20 years and five months. Thao, Lane, and Kueng was charged in February violations of federal rights. In July, a federal judge has sentenced Kueng to three years in prison and Thao to 3 ½ years. In September, Lane was sentenced to three years in prison.

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