Defense attorneys say Dolan shot the teenager in self-defense after being hit by a car.

WARWICK – At the request of the prosecutor, 20-year-old Dominic Vincent removed his red shirt in Superior Court on Wednesday to show jurors the scar on his body. hand that exploded with a .40 caliber bullet, fired by an off-duty police officer. his humerus one summer evening in 2021.

The outcome of Vincent’s meeting with Pawtucket patrolman Daniel Dolan seemed clear. But the jury failed to hear two other different explanations as to why it happened.

Dolan, 40, Vincent is facing four felony counts of illegal shooting as he and two friends pulled into a West Greenwich pizzeria to pick up their “meat lover” pie before a night of basketball.

In opening remarks to the jury, said Asst. Atty said. Chief Daniel Guglielmo, head of the agency’s human rights division, described Dolan as a vigilante on that evening of June 23, 2021, who committed the dangerous situation that caused the Vincent’s injuries.

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