Dallas Cowboys: When will Mike McCarthy get the recognition he deserves?

One thing is for sure – a career in the NFL is not guaranteed. This is the best opportunity “at heart” work especially with the Dallas Cowboys.

What is “work in the heart” you may ask? When an employer can fire an employee for any reason without notice if the reason is unlawful. At least, according to Wikipedia.

The head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Mike McCarthy, has been at the center of career stories throughout his tenure in the metroplex and it’s not the kind of story you want to be the center of attention. success and that leadership responsibility can be overwhelming.

There have been unexplainable problems with the coach in the three seasons that Mika was the head coach, but he has overcome the difficulties he faced to make this team compete. I’ll let the fans be the judge of that. However, this team and fans may need to take a closer look at some of the obstacles it has overcome in order to keep this team as one. NFL teams.

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback situation is far from ideal

One of the most frustrating events in the NFL is going to be injuries. Dallas wasn’t immune to that fact during the Mike McCarthy era. Can a team lose their starting quarterbacks (Tyron Smith, Terrance Steele) to opposite sides in the same season?

I guess.

Can a team lose their middle linebacker (Leighton Vander Esch) for weeks?


Has a team ever started the season without a wide receiver (Michael Gallup) for the first five games of the season?

It happens all the time.

However, teachers achieve their points if they lose their starters. All bets are off. In McCarthy’s case, he has been without a starting quarterback for 21 of 50 regular season games.

Sam Bradford is the only starting quarterback that comes to mind in recent history that has had bad luck with injuries. However, with Mike, he has been able to sustain a 60%-win rate against Dallas despite losing his quarterback.

If we want to blame the fact that the team was not prepared in their position back to back, that is a valid point. However, the Cowboys realize that Mike is not doing the job with Jerry, Stephen and Will at the helm. If a head coach can lead his team to 12-win seasons and two playoffs without your quarterback, that head coach should be considered for Coach of the Year. .

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