CTC Amount 2023: Why am I not getting the full Child Support Tax credit?

RThe US invasion of Ukraine and the COVID-19 pandemic have affected the United States‘ economy and rising cost of living saw more Americans turning to welfare benefits.

But the federal government did not give it back force checkthe leaders of many states began to provide financial assistance on their own through other types of payments or tax credits.

Use of welfare programs such as Child Tax Credit (CTC) it can prove to be beneficial for you and your family.

Why am I not getting the full Child Support Tax credit?

The CTC allows Americans to pay taxes with a tax benefit for each dependent child. However, if you have not received the full payment, you should check your Dependent Care Expenses in the Provider Style and Qualifying Dependent section of the Credit section to ensure that enter all information correctly.

For example, you must ensure that your caregiver is under the age of 13 at the time the care was provided, or that your spouse, if they are unable to care for themselves, lived with you. for more than half a year.

“Any person with a physical or mental disability who cannot take care of himself who lives with you for more than half a year and you can consider him a dependent or can as a dependent unless the disabled person has income of $4,400 or more, the disabled person filed a joint return, or you (or your spouse if filing jointly) can be certified as a dependency on another taxpayer’s return in 2022,” said the official website of the Internal Revenue Service.

If the person you paid for does not fall into one of the categories listed above, their expenses are not eligible for the credit.

It cannot be returned

Another point to consider is that CTC is non-refundable, which means it can be used to reduce your income tax liability.

Therefore, no debt should be assessed if you have not paid child support.

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