Colorado’s public health insurance plan has a low interest rate

Credit: Sarah Grillo/Axios

Colorado’s new government health insurance plan enrolled 25,000 people in its first year, the choice for about 1 in 10 people who bought it in the state market.

Why it matters: Of the Choice Coloradoas it is known, a cornerstone effort of Gov. Jared Polis and Democratic lawmakers to reduce the cost of health care, and how the cost of the plan. attention to the country.

Environment: The state insurance plans – which are required to offer benefits at a reduced cost – were made available to individuals and small groups to purchase on the online market, Connect for Health Colorado.

In numbers: Of the 192,000 people who purchased health insurance through the exchange on January 10, 13% chose one of the state plans.

  • Another 10,000 purchased the policy through the OmniSalud state aid program to help people living in the country illegally buy insurance.

What they say: The governor and council members Remember the rate of the signsaid it surpassed initial goals, although the state did not release an enrollment figure.

The other side: Critics, health insurance companies forced into the system, noticed that many customers did not choose the plan of the government – although the state. take priority on the internet market.

“I would say the numbers are a little higher than we expected,” said Meagan Fearing, president of the Colorado State Association of Health Underwriters. the Colorado Sun. “But I also say it’s sad that we’re going through all this for a part of our state’s population.”

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