Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group Parent Company Selling Ownership Interest in Point Mortgage

San Diego-based Point Mortgage, Inc. also known as Point Companies, LLC, has announced that the Prodehl Family of Companies has purchased an ownership interest in Point. The Prodehl Family of Companies owns and operates Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group in the Midwest.

“We are pleased to be associated with Point Mortgage,” said Mike Prodehl, president, and CEO of Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group. “This new relationship brings our company closer to our goal of being a one-stop shop for real estate buyers and sellers.”

Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group operates 70 offices in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan. More than 2,000 real estate agents with more than $6 billion in sales will soon be able to offer their customers a unique opportunity when considering financing through Point Mortgage , the company said.

Point Mortgage was originally founded by Peter Mendiola and Johnny Margarini in San Diego, California. Since its inception the company has expanded and is now licensed and able to offer mortgages in 28 states with license applications pending in other states.

“The primary business objective behind Point Mortgage is to offer the best in mortgage products and services not only to the general market but also to the clients of our real estate agency, Coldwell Banker West,” the statement said. that of Mendiola recently. “The success of this concept and the benefits it provides to our members and customers is the reason for our new business with companies like the Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group.”

Mike Prodehl added, “The core value of our company is to offer exceptional service to our members and our customers. When we first spoke with Peter about his success in the Point Mortgage and Coldwell Banker West, we knew we had found the right way to offer our customers the best in mortgage products and services.

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