Chengdu Worldcon now accepts credit cards

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For those outside of China who wanted to attend this year’s Worldcon in Chengdu, but stopped because the Worldcon website won’t accept payments from outside of China, there’s good news: The site now accepts credit card payments. I tried it myself and the site showed my payment and membership (although, please note, after half an hour, I was not emailed a receipt).

Please note that this year’s membership setup is a bit more complicated than usual. If you want to vote for the Hugos this year (and choose, if you weren’t a member for last year’s Worldcon in Chicago), and vote for future Worldcon nominations, you should when you purchase a WSFS membership. And, if you want to participate, whether online or in person, you must purchase that participation separately. WSFS membership is $50; the online membership (which I suspect most people who don’t live in China but want to join will eventually get) is $10. I believe you can get a membership No a member of the WSFS (ie, without Hugo’s right to vote), but I didn’t find the membership in that series, so I’m not sure.

Also remember that if you want to be able to be nominated for Hugos this year, and you did not attend the Worldcon in Chicago last year, you must buy your WSFS membership by January 31, which (check watch) soon.

This is a link to the English language site for the Chengdu Worldconif you want to get a membership.

(Also, if you have any questions about membership, Chengdu Worldcon or anything else related to those two issues, please ask Worldcon, not me. Worldcon. Thank you.)

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