Ceca Magán advises in a lawsuit against FC Barcelona – Iberian lawyer

Ceca Magán Abogados has advised Time Consultants in a breach of contract lawsuit against El Barça.

Antonio Valmanathe director of the department of justice, was the lawyer responsible for this action in which El Barça was punished to pay the company he bought for not fulfilling the contract on the grounds of the disease.

In December 2018, FC Barcelona signed a contract with Time Consultants, a company specialized in conducting opinion polls. Its purpose is to clarify the so-called “Observatori Blaugrana”, a special survey of members and fans that will take place twice a year for the next three years. After the first three tests were normal, FC Barcelona terminated the contract in September 2020, saying that they did not want to do three more tests.

TIME filed a lawsuit requesting the reinstatement of the contract (to carry out the remaining investigations) or, alternatively, to be compensated in an amount equal to one third of the unpaid fees for the contract (€65,000). The club protested and justified the termination of the contract as a result of the threat: on the one hand, due to the suspension between March and June 2020 it was prevented from conducting investigations; on the other hand, due to the suspension of sports competitions it was left without any elements of happiness.

The court confirmed that these arguments are based on the disease that does not justify the termination of the contract. First, since the research was done by phone (based on a document prepared by the club itself), so there is nothing to prevent them from continuing. And secondly, since the competition started again and the investigation included other issues that had nothing to do with the competition, such as the transfer of rules, management of the board of directors, the work of the FCB Foundation, and others. However, if the club has argued in court that it does not want to return the contract on the basis of a trust relationship with the buyer, FC Barcelona must be directly ordered to pay the requested compensation.

“It is true that the disease has had a serious economic impact on many people, companies and businesses, but this does not justify it – at least it is not the case, as understood by eat the decision – break a contract only on the basis of the will of the person. one of the sides,” said Antonio Valmaña, Ceca Magan’s lawyer. However, he explained “This fact is not known in the football world. Neymar was able to break his contract with Barça to go to Paris, but he had to pay a termination clause, which is his meaning, there is nothing better than the reward. The club is free to decide, after a period, that the Observatori Blaugrana will no longer conduct research, but must pay the customer who he confirmed to be fulfilled”, as confirmed by the court.

Ceca Magán has recommended a lawsuit against FC Barcelona

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