Startup Business Lines of Credit: How it Works & Best Options

Many new businesses don’t meet the eligibility criteria set by traditional financial institutions, including minimum time in business, annual revenue and credit score requirements. That makes it more difficult for startups to qualify for lending products like small-business loans. A business line of credit can be a convenient alternative for small business owners with pressing … Read more

Feds expect to collect $4.7B in insurance fraud penalties

Comment on this story Information WASHINGTON – The Biden administration estimated on Monday that it could collect $4.7 billion from insurance companies with new and tougher penalties for putting unfair prices on taxpayers’ lists. for Medicare Advantage care. There were federal police officers sounding the alarm for years about questionable charges on the government’s private … Read more

Tennessee’s attorney general cites New York’s case on illegal firearms regulation | Chattanooga Times Free Press

NASHVILLE – Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti is coming under criticism from some Democratic lawmakers for agreeing with a gun rights group in California on an order issued to the A pending federal court case in Knoxville says if the judge approves the state’s gun-carry laws, concealed-carry permits and “no permit” carry provisions will be … Read more

State legislators asked the Attorney General’s Office of St. Louis about resubmitting issues

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – State representatives focused on the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office on Monday, where thousands of cases have not been prosecuted. The law being discussed is the decision on when the governor should be allowed to appoint a public prosecutor. Initially, the bill that was heard in the Committee on Crime Prevention … Read more

FTX is suing Voyager Digital to bring back $446 million in 2022 loans

NEW YORK, Jan 30 (Reuters) – Bankrupt crypto exchange FTX sued crypto lender Voyager Digital on Monday, seeking to recover $445.8 million in repayments of loans FTX made before its collapse. down to bankruptcy in November 2022. FTX and Voyager both filed for bankruptcy in mid-2022 skin in cryptocurrency markets, but Voyager’s loss preceded FTX’s … Read more